To Ask Or Not To Ask, That Is The Question.

When you are married, after quite some time, it is inevitable for people to question whether or not you are pregnant. It didn't help especially when you put on little weight, like yours truly here. I have to admit that though I may not step on the scale for some time, I know for sure I am putting some weight. Damn, I hate it!

I guess it can't be help when you live in a "caring" society. 2 months into our marriage, our closest family has been hinting on me. Well, me being me, aku buat bodoh je la. I believe, the Almighty has given us "akal" for us to think on our own to choose our option wisely. Our opinion might be different from others on this matter, but that's just us.

I really don't mind being ask on THAT particular question, but when it follows with unnecessary remarks and tips, it does make me queasy. I appreciated your concern, but no thanks. It makes me more queasy when some of my colleagues whom I am not really close with, started asking. Yo people, you guys really need to take a chill pill.

If you think I am overreacting, it's either you are pregnant or not (yet) married. Because trust me, no married women in their right mind would like their uterus being questioned and as the subject of a conversation.

So, the next time if anyone of you ever meet me,



Karen Yaacob said...

haha! i pun kena tempias yg sama ms awal2 kawen dl.. -____-" SGT x fun & cool lgsg ok soklan itu.. macam lah xde soklan lain nak ditanye..

sabar lah.. trust me, every newly wed couple understand ur situation.. coz we've been thru d same thing.. ;)

Amalina said...

sabor je lah moose..aku percaye kpd kuasa Tuhan..klu dia kata ade rezeki..so insya-Allah ade lah..klu takde (for the time being)..nak buat camne..ade yg plan berthaun2..tp tak dapat..ade yg tak plan, main redha je(cam aku nih), sangkut..heheh just be ready je lah

so u r not overreacted..org2 yg sekeliling ko yg overexcited =)

sumpit said...

hahahahha, i need tht t-shirt too!

papaYA said...

Been married for 20 months and still baby-less.. At this point of time, I'm glad people have stopped asking that question..

HipHopLess said...

I have prepared many SPL (Standard Party Line) for that kind of Qs!

Yanie said...

Moose i really love this! haha... betul lepas kahwin orang sibuk dok tanya2 napa badan naik, pregnant ke? pregnant ke? so i cakap je... haah, mengandung.. mengandungkan lemak!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

me too! most of the time, i just keep on informed them that i just have a fatty belly! hahaha cam la ko nak bg aku duit kot kalau aku ngandung. ngapakah mereka ini bz body bangat!

Moose said...

yes, only newly wed je paham perasaan bila kena tanya soalan macam ni. actually, cam tak kesah pun. tak berbekaslah klo kena tanya sebab i cam heartless kan. tapi yang siap kasi2 tips, nasihat2 tu yang malas nak dengar.

aku tau diorang overexcited. what's with my husband being the first in his family to get married and all kan. kot kakak ipar aku dah kawin kan senang. sure orang tanya die lagi dr tanya aku. herher

Moose said...

jom beli! haha

yes, eventually the question will stopped but sementara nak stop tu la. lotih mak nak menjawapnya..

care to share your SPL? hehe. my SPL is only, belum ade rezeki..

Moose said...

mengandung lemak! LOL. tu pun i jawap gak kadang2. tp dengan orang tua2 kang buat2 lawak camtu, sentap plak diorang.

we can never stop people from asking that question kan tapi the tips and nasihat gotta stop la.. if i want you tips i will ask la kan. cam diorang nak kasi counseling free plak

missbutterfly said...

hahaha..samo la weh.ramai btl yg concern..tetiba.

shueyshoelove said...

moose!!! tak yah berbulan pls. im already getting the question! baru 2 minggu kahwin. pakai maxi. org ingat pregnant. like omg la kan!!