Domestic God

Aku sebenarnya penat tapi ntah apsal, teruja plak nak tulis entri. Today i-is Friday, Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes after...wards. Tetiba. Ni semua salah little (lagi ke?) SIL sebab bagi aku dengar lagu Rebecca Black yang sumpah macam lahanat tak sedap tapi lirik lagu masih terngiang-ngiang di telinga . I hate you Rebecca Black!

I had to work today, which is kinda sucks because weekends mean having the luxury to sleep until noon for me. Tapi hari ni sadly, I had to wake up extra early and rushed off to work. Luckily not much of Homo Sapiens in Malaysia work on Saturday so I can speed off in mere 20 minutes for (almost) 35km journey. To Farid Kamil and Shamsul Haslam, if you need an extra for any incoming films about minah drift or rempit (not that I am any of those, but you know what I mean. Righhhttt?), you know who you can contact. Ahem.

Now back to working on Saturday. After I finished off, I went back to PIL's home and had dinner with them. Then went back home alone because H has his weekly badminton game. I am in my fat and tired mode and besides all his badminton buddies are out of my league anyway. Errrr, more likely I am out of theirs. Hehe. Went back home and when I opened the door, I almost couldn't believe my eyes because the house is spotless and sparkling! Just like coming straight from commercial advert for cleaning products. Macam squeeky clean gitu. Apparently the man had swept the entire house, changed the bed sheet and (I suspected) had the bathrooms cleaned as well. I am a proud wife!

Maybe I should be working on Saturday more often.............................


Disclaimer: The house is spotless even when I am around but I am praising my husband here. Gotta give the man some credit lah kan.. Or else, this would be a once in a blue moon thingy. The cleaning la, I mean. Hehe.


sumpit said...

kesian pulak aku tgk rebecca black tu. kena kutuk mcm tu.

Frankly-speaking, i dont see bieber being any better than black with his baby, baby, baby oooo. Tp sbb dia laki kot, senang nak attract female fans with his cute boyish charms, walopon tak cute sgt pon in my opinion.

pompuan ni susah skit rasanya. unless her voice is aguilera-ish or dia sexy mcm spears, i dont think she'd ever stand a chance with a song so silly like Friday.

Moose said...

eti, bukan sengaja nak kutuk rebecca black tapi lagu dia memang sucks to the max.

bieber pun aku tak minat and seriously i can't stand his chipmunk-y voice either but that kid got moves la kan. and his songs although annoying, is catchy enough to sing along. that's my guilty pleasure masa driving! haha