An interesting news headline caught my eyes while reading the newspaper today. In The Star online, it was reported that queen termites can make men king in bed. It was proclaim by a (Malay) man who was in the pest control business. He apparently has been taking queen termites for 7 years and allegedly claimed that queen termites has similar properties in enhancing the sexual ability of men to that of Viagra.

I'd say, what a bogus allegation! The article shows how some men are crazily fixated on enhancing their male performance that they would do anything for it.


Still on the same topic. Every lunch hour, I would go out with my bunch of colleagues and these colleagues are mostly male. I have no trouble listening to their dirty sex jokes every now and then and especially now that I am married, they tend to be more (a lot more actually) open about it. There is one particular guy who would always boost that he has the "Audi performance". He openly admit that he enjoys doing "it" and that it is a booster to him. While listening to his "cock talk" I would always imagine the horror look that his wife would had had she listened to her husband, feeling all cocky and show-off. I wouldn't retaliate on any given day but on this one particular day, feeling tired of all his "cock talk", coupled with another female colleague (who I believed is getting irritated as well) we cut him short by saying;

"All men said they are Audi, even when they're only a Proton Saga. Instead of listening to you, we should ask your wife"

To save him from the embarrassment, we ended having a good laugh over it. And guess what, he has lighten up on the "cock talk" after the incident!

Hah, performance macam Proton Saga ke rupanya bang?


reena said...

Hahahaa! Nice one, Moose! Lelaki yang cakap besaq dalam benda2 camni selalunya TAK BESAQ MANA pun..

dytia said...

awesome...come back yang tepat padat dan ringkas...

hehehe... rasanya only wives yang patut komen ttg performance, drivers patut senyap jer.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hahahahahahaha!! Sumpah lawak!

cik senah said...

:) Baguih ampa bg sedaih ayat tue kat dia.. habuan nak tunjuk terer sgt..! hahahaha..

p.s : Lelaki yg selalu cakap besaq niee.. sebenaqnya bkn baguih teghamana punn.. hebat tang cakap pung-pang (=cakap besaq) depan org saja..krn dianak dapat perhatian drp org sekeliling (mungkin dia kategori kurang kasih sayang kotzz!!)..nak habaq kat semua org yg dia seghupa mcm "Prof. Serba Tau"... Padahai..dia taktau yg apa yg dia buat tue (cakap besaq) buatkan diri dia nampak B.O.D.O.H. di amta org keliling dia krn "cerita dlm kain" niee..org tak cerita kat org lain/luaq laa.. simpan sendiri2 sudah arr..kan? :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

suka! mmg patut kena begitu :)