Series Of Reviews

So I took the initiative to make life (mine and yours) easier by compiling everything for easy reference in one post. Feel free to read and email me if you want to know more!
  1. Wedding Dress: Part 1
  2. Wedding Dress: Part 2 (UPDATED)
  3. Wedding Dress: Part 3 (UPDATED)
  4. Wedding Decoration: Part 1 (UPDATED)
  5. Wedding Decoration: Part 2 (UPDATED)
  6. Make-up
  7. Wedding Services
  8. Wedding Shoes 
  9. Honeymoon in Bali: Accommodation
  10. Honeymoon in Bali: Part 1
  11. Honeymoon in Bali: Part 2
  12. Honeymoon in Bali: Part 3

Happy reading!


    Cieri said...

    moose!! nak tau pasal your mantilla veil please.

    Moose said...

    haha. babe, nak tau pasal ape? i mean the mantilla veil tu la.. i think i dah briefly mention pasal the design and all in my wedding dress entry tu. ke you nak tau pasal nak sewa? klo yg tu, i tgh karang entry. hehe