Fun Run

Despite having my ankle sprained early this week and the fact that it hasn't completely healed and despite haven't trained for the run, I managed to clock 42 minutes for the 5km run at Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I feel so proud of myself! It may be small achievement to some but considering that this is my first participation, it is big to me.

At the starting point, my husband sprinted off leaving me behind. 


Furthermore, he got his personal time to beat. Tsk tsk, these high achievers, they would do anything to achieve their target. He actually managed to finish the run within 30 minutes. Or so I have been told. Hmm. *doubting*

But I suspected he was too embarrassed to be caught running with his limping wife.


With participation certificate


reena said...

Moose! Salutelah u masuk lari2 gini. I tawaf shopping complex pun kadang dah pancit. Huhu.

Moose said...

dari last year dah plan nak masuk running event cam ni tp last year cam busy dgn wedding preps sume. so i made it into reality this year.


sumpit said...

there's another fun run tht i think u'd enjoy. 10 km sponsored by ambank. They usually have it around march or so.

I enjoyed myself tremendously the last couple of times tht i participated in it. Fun tgk kerenah org pelik2, yg lari bwk bag pon ada, yg lari sambil mkn maggi in a cup pon ada.

PLUS, the first 500 to arrive at the finishing line dapat sijil, ramai tu, peluang sentiasa cerah :D