Masyarakat Prihatin

Gosh, my husband so gonna think I am overreacting and rigid for writing this. Sayang, please don't say anything, ok?

Masyarakat kita adalah masyarakat prihatin. Itu adalah satu fakta yang tidak dipertikaikan. Namun jika keprihatinan itu tidak disalurkan ke saluran yang betul, ia akan menyebabkan masyarakat kita menjadi masyarakat penyibuk.

Ehem, tiba-tiba rasa macam Karam Singh Walia. HAHA

Those following my Twitter (please don't follow me if you currently are not, most of the time my Twitter is loaded with crap) then you probably know about what I am gonna say.

My primary/high school friend messaged me on FB chat yesterday's morning, out of blue and perhaps curiosity that sadly wasn't properly channeled. She typed 2 lines and without hesitation (and probably patience) went straight to the gun.
"Salam. How's married life? Bila nak bertiga?"
It was not even 9.30 am in the morning. I haven't properly digested my breakfast yet and there they were, the sentences waiting to be answered. I ran through various scripts in my mind on what the best answer should I give. Well you see, I have different personalities in me. There's this chirpy, care-free Moose, the skeptic and cynical Moose (which will take over whenever I am annoyed), and the collected, matured and calm Moose. Deciding that in dealing with such situation, given the background of the person who asked and relationship between us, I decided it's best for the collected, matured and calm Moose to take over. So I replied in my best manner;
"Salam. Alhamdulillah, so far so good. No rezeki there yet. Doa-doakanlah ye."
She then went on ranting about how we should enjoy the honeymoon phase cause (according to her) when the baby comes along, it'll be a whole lot different.

Yeah, like I don't know about it already. I have been reading maternity blogs, for God's sake. I probably know more about strollers than you do.

I thanked her and log out from Facebook as quickly as I can.

Yeah, call me overreacting or drama queen or whatever but if she's truly prihatin, at least have the courtesy to chat about other things with me first la kan. Ini tak terus, baaam! ambush me with THAT kind of question. Some people (like me) really really don't like THAT particular question to be asked. Not unless if you have been my close friends, close relatives or my close colleagues. If you don't fall in either of these groups, yeah too bad you are not even eligible to ask. Sorry, but next!

If I am pregnant, I am more than happy to announce it, to the whole world if it would satisfy anyone.

But until then, you can do a great help by praying for us and not merely asking.


~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Sabar moose. Ayu pun mengharap nk pregnant gak ni. Insya-Allah ada rezeki tu nanti

Moose said...


i'm annoyed not because i'm not pregnant yet. i am annoyed sbb these ppl got nothing better to do then to sibuk2 tanya org dah pregnant ke belum. it's like they got nothing else to do than snooping around, check pasal status uterus orang. heh.

farahfatihah said...

dulu selalu kena terjah ngan soalan2 mcm tu, kalau rasa nak jawab, jawab lah kalau tak, i tutup je fb cepat2..

tak pe mus, rezeki mesti ada cuma lambat or cepat je...sabar yer..org2 mcm tu mmg tak leh nak elak

sumpit said...

i think tht's typical in all cultures kot...

my myanmar friend who's currently working in hk tetiba je buzzed dan dengan cerianya, asked me the same thing, aisehhhh...

told her i'd just miscarried, terdiam terus... aku lak rasa nak tergelak :p

so kalau sanggup, tht could be a good strategy to shut them all up...

Moose said...

memang tak dapat nafi that kita tak dapat elak these kind of question. at first i was thinking of being sarcastic masa nak jawab tu, tp cam tak elok plak. so i play safe and jawab blm ade rezeki. well that's better than ckp,

aku nak enjoy dulu.

or something along the line kan? oh well, i assume they are just plain nosy and busy body. hehe

Moose said...


aku rasa typical in asian culture je kot. at least klo cam westener or deutscher, they just ask - hat kinder? or got kids?

if ko jawab tak, then diorg keep quiet or angguk je. takdela siap nak bagi nasihat/tips/pendapat segala. tp diorg nak tanya tu pn cam jarang je. unless klo betul2 rapat bru diorg tanya. klo setakat hai2 bye2 je masa jumpe, takde nye nak tanya.

shueyshoelove said...

Ooh. Mine org berlapik. Almost everyone starts with, "u've put on weight". Then proceeded assking, "are u pregnant"? Tak tahu nak menangis ke gelak. But so far from strangers/colleagues. Not from family. Jadi tak berapa terasa.

peanut said...

aku pun slalo dpt..
br lepas kawen;soalan peberet diorg;
-best tak kawen?-aku xpaham kenapa org tny soalan ni?
-dh ada tanda2 ke?-kdg2 aku offline utk org tu...ntahapa2 soalan..

tiba2 rs pjg lebaq nk komen..grrr..geram mode..
neway..'sod ba ro' je la ngn makhluk2 ini.

missbutterfly said...

hehe..sabar je la moose. biasa la org kita suka kepoh psl benda2 ni..aku pulak ada 2 situation (sedara tanya mak aku):
1. eh..diorg dh kawen like 6-7mths dah. takde apa2 berita lagi ke?
2. eh..terror la diorg. dah kawin 6-7mths tapi still tak pregnant lagi..
yg no 2 tu aku rasa mcm diorg perli ke hape.. hahaha

Moose said...

soalan kedua tu cam, WTF!
aku cam serius dont get it apsal org so curious and interested nak tanya psl dah pregnant ke belum. aku tak pernah nak tanya orang pasal benda ni cos it's too private to ask.

well, some people are just plain tak tahu malu