Currently at the office, it's no longer a secret that I'll be leaving the company soon. As I type, after deducting the remaining annual leaves that I had, I have exactly 4 days till my last day there. And for the past 2 weeks after I tendered my resignation letter, I have been piling a handover book to whomever it might be and finishing any pending works that I had. 

And during these final days, I am having mixed feeling. You know, that bittersweet feeling. At one side, I am deliriously happy to finally get out of the miserable company's management but on the other hand, I am sad to leave such wonderful colleagues that I've known for the past 1 1/2 years. I am particularly sad to the thought of leaving my immediate boss who had taught me more that I've learn. Whose diva attitude never fails to make me laugh. Whose gender sometimes made me confused that there are times, I address him as she. My soon-to-be job position is attributed to him, for through him I've learned and gained new knowledge that I have never thought of learning.

During a one on one talk with another colleague whom I respect her professionalism, she said these to me;

Treat your final day as if it were your first day. Never look down on others because of their job position. You'll never know where your life and career path going to cross. Where ever you go, no matter how far it will be, never loose your personal integrity. That is what sets you apart from the rest.

How can I not be sad when I am surrounded by such wonderful people?

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