Wedding Cake

Truth to tell, I hate to still talk about my wedding. But then, when I checked my Nuffnang, I found that someone was googling "Moose wedding cake" and that I feel oblige to inform whoever that particular person might be.

In here, I mentioned that I wanted a simple yet delicious cake. H's aunty owns a bakery in Klang and she makes the yummiest cookies (watch for this space for your Raya cookies) and cakes that I've tasted that I decided to initially order the cake from her. But towards the end, my MIL decided to bake the cakes (for FREE!) for me. My MIL bake the scrumptious red velvet cupcake  making Whisk RVC tastes nothing. And no, I am not being biased. Her RVC is the bomb diggity yo!

Simple yet delish!

My wedding cake consists of 2 tier cake with RVC on top and carrot cake on the bottom with vanilla buttercream frosting. And yeah, I purposely not over-decorated it. Less is more, classy and elegant. Just like the way I like my things in life to be.


Aida Narina said...

Yes moose! I second your decision on having not overly decorated wedding cake. Its really classy! :)

dura m. said...


I pun amek kek paling simple from Secret Recipe sbb kat kluang xde homemade cake yang cantik and murah.So i settle for 2 tiers wedding cake from SR which cost rm219.

Murah,sedap sbb i survey rata2 mesti harga rm500+, and apa yg penting, i happy! Teehee!

Anyway moose..ur cake mmg cantik!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love your wedding cake. Very simple and elegant :).

2 more months to go Moose! Tak nervous tapi macam, ish, cepatlah. Hehe. Hopefully my majlis is as simple, beautiful and enjoyable as I'd like it to be.

Moose said...

minimalist is the way to go! hehe.

kek sedap itu lagi penting dari kek lawa tapi tak sedap kan? that's exactly my sentiment. you can never go wrong with secret recipe. kek diorg confirm sedap!

Moose said...

i always say, elegance can never go out of style. hehe.
i know exactly how you feel! dulu, i was like, nak get over this whole wedding thingy cepat2 boleh? seriously, i have no idea how some people can have enough energy and so high in spirit to go through such tedious wed prep?

i really salute them!