Thank you for all of your suggestions for our getaway be it in Twitter, Facebook or even here. We really appreciate it. We have made up our mind and go to Legends International Water Homes as being suggested by many. But, after checking out the room rate, it is slightly higher that what we budgeted for. Early last week, it was RM370 and it was affordable considering it has an indoor pool, king size bed, free breakfast buffet for two etc. Just now when I checked, the rate ballooned up, starting from RM470. About RM100 difference from last week.

This getaway is much needed, well, just because. Do we actually need a specific reason for a getaway? I don't think so. But if I need any, I am sure that I can think of 1001 reasons for it. Hehe.

Gayanya macam weekend getaway dekat rumah sendiri je?



cicayanki said...

moose, go to pangkor laut resort :) me and kouhei tunggu your review!

Moose said...

tak sempat nak ke pangkor laut bagai. this getaway supposed to be this weekend. since legend water int. homes mahal, kitorg lpk hotel dekat klcc je. haha