Life As A Tai-Tai

Yesterday I had a "me" time. And oh, it was pay day. Hehe.

My me time started with a short trip to Brazil. HAHA. It's been a while but it's still bearable. The pain la I mean. This time I went to Honeypot Waxing Boutique which was situated at Bangsar Shopping Complex. First timer (at the shop) gets RM20 off of the menu so I am going there for the cheap price. I was running late because let's face it, driving alone to an unknown location wasn't exactly my forte, although I've been to BSC so many times before but all these while H drove me there, so it was a different story. I had to listen to my navigator directing me there and driving a manual car. Yerp, I (still) drive a stick.

How's it feels like you ask me?

Well, we women are born with high pain tolerance or else, we'd never give birth. We are awesome creature like that. So a Brazillian is like ripping off a plaster of your (hairy) skin. On scale from 1 to 10, the ouch factor is 4. Pretty bearable. I think it all depends on your waxer. My waxer was one experience lady making the experience quite enjoyable (for the lack of better words). Man, was she quick! Rip, rip, done! Off you go ma'am. If you ever go to Honeypot, look for Lindsey.

I had mine for the first time at Apronbay since first timer get a 25% discount for full Brazilian. Tapi I think the waxer (at Apronbay who did me) lack experience that it made my trip a bit uncomfortable and what's with the first timer embarrassment lagi kan. You know what, I've been meaning to try out the Brazilian I think about 5 years back but somehow couldn't bring myself to do it. The pain, I can tahan but the humiliation and the embarrassment part tu yang I err, cannot tahan.

Then I went to redeem the hot stone massage coupon which I bought via Everday last month at Amante Nail & Spa in Bangsar. It was my first time doing hot stone massage so naturally I was a bit jakun. HAHA. It was a much needed massage cos my shoulders been aching for so long sampaikan masseuse tu pun tegur. Banyak angin katanya. Come to think about it, what is actually angin that we talk much about in traditional medicine? Can someone please enlighten me on this?

After the session, I was served a hot ginger tea. Sumpah sedap gila albeit a tad too sweet. Lepas tu terus aku buang angin banyak-banyak. HAHA.

I had a taste of life of a tai-tai for a day and it was nice. I had 1 week free time before I started working at new place and honestly, I can't wait to start working again.

Ye la tu, bila dah mula kerja, tak sabar nak cuti pulak. Biasalah. Hihi.


sya said...

I've always wanted to try but too maloooo... ;p

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I can never get myself to do a Brazillian wax. I cannot stand the embarassment!

reena said...

Alaaa tak yah keja la. JAdi tai-tai forever. hehe

cicayanki said...

Me too! I have always wanted to try, but myself pun cannot stand the embarassment!

hidden.wing said...

Ahh moose, i always wanted to try hotstone...asal ade deal je i delay then i missed pfft hehe..

So hotstone massage there recommended?? :)

sumpit said...

same here. So I do it myself. Skit gila, takes hours but at least tak segan dgn sapa2 :D

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Darn, Eti how do you do it yourself? Ada self cream that you can apply?

the ectopy said...

my problem is more on going there alone. Or going with friends, but being alone with the staff in the room. What do you guys talk about! Tak awkward ke?

Moose said...

i once too was too malu nak try. but once you brave yourself to do it, you'll be back. hehe. sakit tu secondary and come to think about it, takdela sakit mana pun. i think sakit pakai braces lagi sakit kot.

Moose said...

taktau la recommended ke tak sebab it was my first time. lagipun i tak fancy massage ni sangat except for the massage on my stiff shoulders, which I needed more than anything else. but it was nice feeling la with the hot stones being applied at your body, lepas tu die urut2 dengan batu2 tu.

Moose said...

gila berani ko buat sendiri! aku pernah try dulu tapi bapak ah sakit gila. separuh jalan je kot aku buat. lagipun klo buat sendiri guna soft wax tu kan, lepas tu rip dengan kain, wax jenis tu sakit. klo pegi waxing dkt kedai, they use soft wax which is more gentle to the skin and waxing area. less painful & waxer tu rip cepat gile dari klo kita yg rip cos u tend to hesitate.

Moose said...

kalau senyap lagi malu! that i experienced during my first time. so awkward cos the waxer tu senyap je the whole time. this time the waxer is more friendly and chatty making the experience less awkward. we talked everything about waxing esp. cara nak jaga, when your supposed next waxing, etc.