Digi Buka Puasa

I think by now, I am the only one who still hasn't blog about the Digi event.

Anyway, on Thurday (25th Aug) I was lucky enough to score an invite to an iftar event organized by Nuffnang & Digi at The Bee, Jaya One.

I was the few first to arrive despite the crazy traffic jem in PJ. Being such a social blogger noob, I probably was the only one who didn't have any camera in tow.

Attempt to be a social butterfly, failed miserably.

Picture via Google

After registration, each of us were then given a menu paper for ordering. I ordered an avocado burger with fries and a (very sour) lemonade together with free flow of drinks. While waiting for azan, yes you had correctly guessed it - it's photo time.

With table-mate Ginny, Uzair, Areal & Henry
Picture via Henry
 Then there were an ice breaking session and games were played. I was fidgeting in my seat, tempting to get that first bite of the burger. Food was a OK, well at least mine is. But in my opinion, nothing beats burgers from Carl's Jr. It was supposed to be a free flow of drink but sadly after finishing my first glass of uber sour lemonade, I didn't get a second serving of Coke that I asked for and neither did my table-mates. Amd we're seated in front of the drinks counter that you could hardly miss us! I guess, the waiters'/waiteresses' hands were too full. I wished that they could be more attentive.

After everyone seemed to have finished eating, Digi representative who I have seem to forgot his name introduced the HTC-DIGI packages that they have. They also introduced the soon to be launched HTC Sensation & HTC Evo 3D.

Then another games were played. A team must consists of 3 person. At first I was reluctant to move my butt off the chair and just wanna enjoy my dessert but this opportunity to be a social butterfly (yeah, right..) comes once in a life time. So I bid goodbye to churros and

say hello to my teammates;

Nik, Ginny & Yours truly
Picture via Nik
 Gosh, I hate that smug face of mine.

Our team name was Sensation. We entered both games but lost on the first game which the reward was a review for HTC Sensation. We stayed and proceeded with the second game and won! Yay! Girl powerrrr! The reward was a HTC Evo 3D review, which coming up really soon.

Before we ended the night, what would a bunch of bloggers usually do?

We took group picture, of course!

Picture via Nik

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