Raya Snippet

  • This year is husband's turn. We went to celebrate Eid in Klang and Malacca.
  • Being away for 5 years/raya has toughen me up. Which means, no tears from me for not be able to beraya with my (own) family in KCH. That, or I am just some cold-hearted bitch. HAHA.
  • I didn't pull any Wan Maimunah or Fauziah Nawi's. So.Not.My.Scene.
  • My baju raya got bling! Though it's very minimal, it's the closest I get wearing something beaded.
  • Husband's family loves cam-whoring, a lot! My lips are getting tired of smiling.
  • Though I am gonna be broke (this month), giving out duit raya to siblings, nieces & nephews are essential and actually a fun thing to do.
  • Husband and I managed to spread and implanted the infectious Smurf's theme song in a mind of a 3 year old.
  • Husband's cousins' little daughters and sons are cute as a doll and fun to play with.
  • Apparently, I got tired of raya dishes too early. I resorted to nasi putih, sambal udang & masak lemak on the second raya after looking somewhat haggared.
  • Ironically, now I am salivating for Atuk's rendang & kari ayam. Slurp.

Exhausted face sans make-up

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reena said...

Alaaaa nak tengok baju please! :p