By the time you read this, H and I are probably sleeping in a flight with our mouths open. Ok, he's not, I am. Pfft, whatever.

We're flying off to a city formerly known as Saigon. We're on backpacker's trip, something that we normally do back in the student days. The down side of the trip, we're supposedly on a (tight) budget but we shall see about that later, I want to shop, shop, shop! On the bright side, my Jack Purcell and Vaude finally see the light again.

Till then, bye.


hazlynda kushairi said...

Have fun babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku pun duk kumpul tabung ayam. One day, aku nak ke sana juga.

Cant wait for your review hehe ;)

reena said...

Have fun Moose!

Zara said...

Have fun!Saigon is such a nice place to travel around. Should cover Mekong River + Cu Chi + Water Puppet Show + and strolling down the town itself. Should try local food - Pho, Spring Roll, Bread + Pastries,etc!