DiGi Presents the HTC Evo 3D

Remember a while ago how I made fool of myself and was chosen as (one of the) winners to do a review on the uber cool and awesome HTC Evo 3D?

Well, guess what? My star might be shining because I could actually be in the run of winning the phone!

*jumping jacks*

First of all, I would like to thank Nuffnang and especially Digi for extending the Buka Puasa invitation the other day and for letting us made a fool of ourselves because if it wasn't for that, there wouldn't be any rewards to be given, would there? And also many thanks to my team mates who were such in high spirits and willing to do whatever it takes.


NikGinny &Yours truly
Picture via Nik 
And not forgetting The Bee as the venue sponsor and the scrumptious food that they served. I was actually there few weeks ago lepaking with our cousins and truly the food was still amazing. Before this "thank you" speech drags into that Academy Awards kinda speech, let me focus on the most important matter, which is the phone itself.

Presenting the phone that is so smart, it needs two cameras instead of just one.

But hey, remember how Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls used to sing that two is better than one? Yes, it is indeed true because one of the key features of this phone with its dual cameras is that it has the ability to take 3D photo. Yeah, you heard me right, 3D photo. I.AM.NOT.KIDDING. I was actually having so much fun snapping photos away and crossing my eyes (and others. LOL) out to see the 3D-ness of the photos which sometimes can come out looking so realistic that you can bid goodbyes to those fugly looking 3D spectacles that the cinemas are forcing you to wear. 

During the 2 weeks review period that I had, whenever I take out the phone out of my handbag to answer calls or whatever, people will ALWAYS say,

"Woah, such a huge screen you got there!"

"Yes, the better to Tweet-ing and Facebook-ing"

*social networks addict alert*


Of course it's huge. It's 4.3 inch. That's almost as high as your high heels.

You know how iPhone users would always complaint that they have to purchase certain apps that they like on iTunes web? Well, THE best part and also my personal favourite is the fact that HTC is using Android as its platform, you can generally and basically download most of the applications (apps) available on HTC website for free. Like the other day, I downloaded this Pumpkins vs Monsters game and got so carried away with it. 

It's actually a no-brainer game but gets more challenging as you move into higher level. There was this time, I was so into in lepas tu some stupid monsters get into my fortress and I lost the game! Mengelupur atas katil I tell you. And of course, my husband has nothing better to say than to laugh at my childish act. Shame shame (as our cousin's daughter and son would say).

If you were to ask me on technical aspects of the phone, then I am sorry cos I'm not the one that you should refer to. I am such a noob when it comes to smart gadgets. I think my PIL know better about latest gadgets than I do. They have iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab and lots of other thingamajing when I only use Nokia E71. I kid you not.

And the greatest news is that Digi is really being the sweetheart and comes up with an affordable plan for all whether you are a postpaid or prepaid user. 

More details here

It's affordable, isn't it?

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