Who knows with 140 limited characters that Twitter provides, it actually is more fun than blogging that as of late, I spend most of my time and thoughts there. It's kinda therapeutic for me to just write 1 or 2 sentences without having to put much effort in to it unlike blogging. I don't know about you but I don't really write on the spur of the moment. I wish I could but the perfectionist in me forbid me to do so. Every single sentences must be carefully edited. The words, the adjectives and the grammar must be checked and corrected. Should there any error detected (which most of the time, it does!) I would re-edit and re-publish until it's perfect. It's a painstaking job but the profound memories of my primary school English teacher, Ms Assunta had taught me that, whether you like it or not,

you are what you write.

So people can always gauge what kind of person are you based on your writing. Whether you're an emotional, childish, useless or a melancholic writer. Twitter on the other hand, let me be spontaneous and full of surprises. It lets me follow those I fancy and it lets me block those who want to be my groupie.


Ok, acah je. Mana sanggup I umpamakan uols ni groupie. Nanti cakap I ni merendahkan martabat orang pulak. I believe in equality and I treat people equally. If some people like to talk trash and speak a lot of rubbish, then it's only equal if I treat it like a trash, isn't it? Afterall, you are what you write. The same goes to everything in life - you get what you pay, you are what you eat, etc.

So if you want people to treat you nicely in life, be nice. It's as simple as that.


Ninie Ahmad said...

We are what we tweet too!


xoxo--eena said...

i mmg emo je slalu! hahaha. i pon perfectionist when it comes to writing english. tp dah tulis dlm melayu, mmg blasah je!

Moose said...

yes ninie! i guess whether we realized it our not, our actions represent what kind of person that we are.

i have to find time to attend your classes! pls, motivate me. lol

Moose said...


emo emo you pun i suka baca cos your entries are so sarcastic sometimes. hehe

farhanna said...

Betultu, smtm kena pk 2x b4 publish.....