If you're my follower on Twitter, you probably know that I was one of the lucky winners to win 2 free tickets to watch the preview screening of Immortals. This is actually my 4th premier screening courtesy of Nuffnang and like every premier screening that I attended, I was thrilled as if it was my first.

But not this one. Not because I'm one ungrateful bitch or whatever, it's just that my partner in crime was not around. Boo-hoo. I'm currently in a LDM (long-distance marriage), remember? As sad as it sounded, I thought the universe played tricks on me that day. I extended the invitation to my SILs but sadly none of them could make it. I asked my friends and yes, ironically none of them could make it too. So when the going gets tough, the tough goes........



I rushed off from work to Midvalley and after a good 2 hours of (window) shopping, I looked for Nuffnang booth to redeem the tickets. I panicked (a bit) when I saw that Nuffnang booth was not anywhere to be found. Checked my email and well, guess what?

I was at the wrong venue!!


Turned out the screening took place at e@Curve and not at Midvalley. You see, all this while, as far as I am concern, the screening (almost) always took place at GSC Midvalley. Ok, well except maybe for Fright Night screening that I went. It was at e@Curve. So I took it for granted and assumed that it'll be at Midvalley, as usual.

So, lesson learned here. Never assume. You make an ASS out of U and ME. Noted.

After tweeting, asking whether or not I could make it to the planned place in 20 minutes and after receiving few positive feedbacks, I rushed off and surprisingly made it. From carpark Midvalley to redemption counter, all in roughly 30 minutes.

Moose Rempits on the loose, yo!

p/s: Shamsul Yusof/Ahmad Idham/Farid Kamil, now you know how to contact me. HAHA


reena said...

LOL! Memang rempit sungguh. Agak jauh gak MV dgn The Curve kan?

cik yaya said...

apew siots sangats entry ney?

kakaka.tak jem ke ko merempit dr midv g curve oits?tp nama pon rempits kan.mesti cilok2 kakakaka

Moose said...


tal jauh sgt actually if u ikut kerinchi link and lps tu sprint highway. klo traffic clear, dlm 15min boleh sampai

Moose said...


mestila cilok2 bai. rempit apew tak cilok. yucks, ya ampun ape bahasa aku ni? jem dekat ttdi je. biasalah ttdi, bkn ttdi namanya klo tak jem.

sumpit said...

but was the immortals worth it?

Moose said...


not my kind of movie. too gore. but if u fancy 300-like action, then it's ok la. but it's a no brainer story-line movie. so prolly ppl watch it for the action

LisaLisut said...

mmg dkt tapi nk cr parking? sempat meh?kalau i dh kelam kabut gile n give up je.haha. so what's your opinion about immortal?kindly share(if rajin to post heheh)

Moose said...

parking was ample at e@curve! so far mmg i tak pernah ade masalah parking kat situ.

i tak reti nk buat movie review sbb i dunno, i dont have much knowledge in movie and i'm not really a movie buff. so rasa cam tak kena plak klo nk buat review.

as for immortal, it's not really my kind of movie. watched just for the free tickets. hehe