On Failed Attempt

My first attempt at making pavlova, failed terribly and miserably. I followed this recipe but somehow I couldn't get the right consistency of the meringue, the utmost crucial part of a pavlova. The perfect meringue for pavlova should have a crispy exterior but a soft, marshmallow-like interior. I made 2 sets of half-dozen mini pavlovas, all turned out to be chewy and limp looking meringue (if it even qualifies to be called one!). 1 batch however have that soft crispy exterior but despite it all, still failed.

I managed however to whisk and get the right texture of the whipped cream (yay!) which is a biggie to me because most of the time, I just tend to over-whisk the cream. Full of energy, much? Lol.

Despite surrounded by failure and I was on the brink of throwing it away, I suddenly got an epiphany (gituh! tak kuasa mak!)

Or rather, in my case, when life gives you chewy, limpy-looking meringue...

you make an Eton Mess!

via Lovefood

Great dollops of chilled whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and ruby-like pomegranate seeds and my version of Eton Mess is good to go! On any occasion, I wouldn't dare offering something that is less than perfect for anyone's consumption so I happily dig in and indulge myself.

I am one happy girl. And yes, life is indeed a bliss when you just can look at things positively.

And I am NOT giving up on the pavlova. Not yet. 


reena said...

Alaa nak tengok pic yang u buat.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

aah ape ni google2 gambo, haha

Moose said...


takde gambar (more like takde camera) sebab my husband bawak his dslr away. mine canon ixus decided to die on me last year so since then i'm camera-less

shadap. haha. aku tak macam ko pegi pasar pun siap amik gambar cili segala. gigih kan

cik yaya said...

kahkahkah tang cili huda tu klaka siot.mmg gigih pon hudau.

oi hudau igt tak eton mess the apartment?nyummm oi.tp mus buat mesti best.bila nak buat moose pulak oi?(read:mousse)kakaka

cik yaya said...

banyak nye oi.HAHA.ok bai

Moose said...

yaya gile! nanti tgk ler klo aku rajin nak memukul-mukul putih telur nak buat meringue tu.

mereng aku seharian memikirkan mana silap ntah yang meringue tu tak jadi.

ok bai nak lunchh

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

ingat je eton mess kat apartment haha sekali tu jela kan.

mus, ko kene gigih, hp takde camera ke oi? haha

Moose said...

pegi the apartment tak ajak siot.

hp camera cam ala2 je, baiklah tak payah. aku pakai hp nokia cokia je.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

OMG, Moose I failed miserably on pavlova too! *sighs*

I don't know if I'll ever be good at it. It required the right technique, temperature or so, as my brother the soon to be chef said. He can make a perfect pavlova and I'm jealous because he's a guy (and he's a chef in training!). Aren't girls supposed to know like everything? LOL!

Moose said...


i know for a fact that kalau nak buat macaroons, kena buat during hot days cos humidity will make the macaroon's shell becomes chewy. i'm not sure for meringue though. tapi my MIL buat first time terus jadi! but then she has almost 20 years of baking experience so i think it comes together with practise.

i think in my case, the error was i didn't whisk the egg white long enough after adding in the sugar cos masa bakar tu, i can see sugar syrup forms at the bottom of the meringue causing it to lose its crispiness & become chewy.

Pumpernickel said...

terela tu moose !!! aku haritu first time masak kek pakai microwave. bole? HAHAHA