On Being Apart

My friends were not kidding when they told me that long-distance relationship/marriage is hard. Almost 2 months into one, I have to admit the truth in their fore-warning. All I can say is that,

LDR/M is not for the faint-hearted.

If you're a clingy person, whose world would stop without the sight of your other-half, I'd suggest you save the trouble because mid-way you might lose yourself. I was lucky because I was brought up by my parents to be independent. In addition to the upbringing, 5 years abroad had taught me to or rather forced me into being able to stand on my own feet and to maneuver my life and not to be dependent on others, too much.

I won't give tips on how to survive LDM because I am still new to it besides, different person has different perspective and ways how to handle their situation. The first few weeks was easy for me because I was so busy with work, so I immersed myself deeply in work so that H's lack of presence will not be sorely missed. After the work load subsides, only then I realized that this is a no-joke situation.

I miss coming home after work with the thought of preparing scrumptious (and of course, healthy) dinner for him. I miss the weekends where I suddenly was motivated to bake, to show him off with my (beginner) culinary skills. I miss the silly jokes, the weekly movie date, the late night Friday hang outs with our friends and to summarize it all, the time we spent together.

(banyak oi kot nak tulis satu-satu buat apa dengan laki sendiri)

To say that I don't miss him is a total lie. To say that I miss him, is an understatement.



Agree 100%

LDR is so freaking taxing on the mind, heart and soul...


Qistin Fadzin said...

way to go, moose!!!

*part "byk oi kot" tu lawak... LOL!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ure shoooo schweet mooose, hugsssss!

p/s, tak lama dah moose, semoga semuanya selamat!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Long distance marriage is only for the strongest person.

So yay to both of us!

Insya-Allah, I'm sure God knows best. When the time is right, He'll show you whether staying here of being there is the best thing to do.

cicayanki said...

You go girl! You can do it!!

I have been in a long distance relationship for three years now. Kouhei and I get to meet each other only once a month. We got use to it, but yes it is still hard.

I am so afraid that our LDR will turn to be LDM pulak. What if he gets a job in Kl, and I will be stuck in Sarawak. Ughhhh!!

sumpit said...

been there, done that.
Memang mencabar!

But you'll get through it, it's not like we have a choice pon kan?

Find a hobby, start a small project, do something, lama2 you'll get used to it, but at times, (at least in my case), teringat jugak sampai rasa kena cucuk2 dgn jarum hehehe :p

Moose said...


kan? ldr is a no-joke. kudos to all of us in ldr!

most of the time i'm ok cos i keep myself occupied with tv series la, movie la ape la. tapi tu la kadang2 tu terasa la jugak especially time PMS tu. haha