On Good Old Days

This photo of me and my brother was taken when I was about 6 years old and my brother was 1. Our family was on vacation trip via the glorious Ferry Malaysia, about 1 year before it was caught on fire and the company that was managing it was declared bankrupt.

I didn't have clear memories of the time but I did remember how my fingers were painfully trapped by the bathroom door, running and playing around with my brother - he was such a doll, soaked myself in the swimming pool until my fingers were pruney and in the middle of it, my swimming ring ran out of air and scared the shit out of my mother because I was swimming in an adult pool when I can barely know how to, at that time.


Oh, how I miss the good old days.


cik yaya said...

wow!you look like...YOU!kahkah.gitu comel MASA KECIK dgn baju polka dot.sampai skrg pakai skirt polka dot tau.

rindu your brother huh?

Moose said...

haruslah i look like me. takkan rupa cam aassim kepit dada kot? eh? haha.

yes, i miss him.

Moose said...

oh lupa nak tambah, rupa sama tapi skinnier. huwaaaa.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

pehhhhhhhhhh betul kata yaya, tak berubah langsung mus! haha. yaya nawal lunda cpt upload gamba masa kekecik. haha. aku nak tgk.

reena said...

Muka tak banyak berubah. hehe. And Anna Wintour haircut huh? :p

Moose said...


upload gambar ko la dulu.


i've had the same haircut as far as i can remember! haha. i think since i've had hairs kot my mom dah potong rambut style tu