Childish Act

I was reading Huda's entry pasal nama bapak in her blog. Seriously, are we back in the primary schools? Like, seriously?

I think most of us been teased on our father's name. God knows how much I've heard of the songs - Pakpung Pak Mustafe been sung to my face when I was a kid. Most of the time I didn't retaliate because I believed, even when I was a kid, that teasing someone's father's name is the lowest of all the low things that you could have done. Honestly I don't how teasing one's father's name could bring the taste of self-satisfaction. I mean, how childish this act is?

Most importantly, how childish are you? Grow up and man up your action. Don't be in the pit of the lowest of the low.


cicayanki said...

Teasing someone's name is very RUDE !

Kouhei's surname is SASAO, pronounced as SA-SA-O.

No problem in Japan, but back in Malaysia, some people are just plain NASTY. Somebody even had the nerve to tell me to drop his family name when we have kids.

Seriously, why do they have to be so mean?

Moose said...

exactly! it's just plain rude. even if you have something against the person, lets the fathers alone tak boleh ke?

budak sekolah boleh maafkan lagi, tapi kalau dah tua bangka tapi perangai macam budak-budak, taktaulah nak cakap ape.

Moose said...

*leave the fathers alone.

hish, amarah sangat sampai typo. haha

Mak Beruang said...

tersedak2 tau bapak aku. aku tak kisah sangat bab2 lain tu tapi kalau sebut nama bapak memangla kau ni takda adab

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

One word je lah untuk orang macam tu.


Orang bodoh, lagi layan kita pun ikut sekali bodoh.