Selling Off: Paper Lantern [SOLD OUT]

I would like to sell off the paper lanterns used for my wedding at very cheap price, nearly half from its retail price.

10" - RM 2.50
12" - RM 3.00
14" - RM 3.50


10" - tangerine yellow (10pcs)
12" - white (10pcs), tangerine yellow (10pcs)
14" - white (10pcs), tangerine yellow (10pcs)

All lanterns are in mint condition

Cash on deliver (COD) only at these places:

Empire Gallery Shopping Mall (weekdays: 5pm - 5.30pm)
Subang Parade (weekdays: 5pm - 5.30pm)
Midvalley (weekends)

Interested? Email me at snowyqueeny@yahoo.com

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