My favourite hair salon would be the one that I raved about here but unfortunately, they are in Kuching. Because of that I didn't cut my hair for the past a year and a half. I'm the kind of person that had I found something to my liking, would stick to it like a superglue. Ok, maybe not like a glue but you know what I mean.

Finding an affordable hair salon and yet, provides a satisfying result can be difficult. God knows how fussy I am about hair cut (or most things in my life - guilty as charged) so yeah, it can be a pain. Really can't help it - I'm a perfectionist.

My hair was getting messy and unruly, besides I can no longer stand the fact that something was wrong with my (lack of) nutrient that I shed hairs around the house like an old cat. So I thought to myself that, it's about time to get a hair cut.

Few months back, I had the pleasure to meet my hairdresser Jaja at my closest friend's brother's wedding. She owns a home-based hair salon in Bukit Jalil. She also is a certified make-up artist from a Paris institute and had been doing freelance job at fashion show gigs in Paris. You can heed over to her website to view some of her amazing past works and she also does bridal make-up!

So, I went to her home an hour late because yours truly here overslept! Well, I always wanted a pixie cut but my hair structure isn't allowing me to have one. I have a super straight hair so if it were to cut super short, I'll ended up having porcupine sorta hair while growing it out later. So Jaja decided the best style to suit me would be an edgy pixie cut. Something looks similar to my last hair cut but shorter, something like this;

And I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE with it. Looks cool, huh? Kinda like edgy rock-chic. You know what H commented the other day about it? He felt, at times he was making out with hot lesbo.

Ok, those words weren't exactly what he said but he did say something about feeling like a gay.


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