[English: Sister]

My younger sister, who turn 21 years old this year is about to finish her Diploma in March. Her field of studying is very intriguing to us because unlike her older siblings (and her brother in law) who went to engineering school, she went to study animal health and in pursue of becoming a veterinarian. Growing up, I guess she always had deep interest in animals. She's also the reason why Mom allowed we can have cats in the house and why my father bought colourful chicks as pets. Their colour however didn't last long and after few weeks, we had hard time determining which chicks belongs to who but we did had wonderful time grilling and eating them later.


Lately, she's a bit worried of not getting good grades and thus, it might jeopardize her chance of pursuing her dream that she's seriously looking into other options apart from veterinary. Naturally, I am the one that she turn to for such advice because as a big sister, you're expected to be as wise as Dalai Lama.

But seriously, being an elder sister is hard cos your younger siblings would look up to you to come out with wise decisions and a bucket full of advices. But, who am I kidding? I personally don't think I am eligible to give such advice. I am the walking example of studying something that I am passionate about but ended up doing something completely different that at first it shattered my heart into broken pieces.

My sad story aside, so I told her, whatever options you choose, make sure that it will at least provide you with good job. Because towards the end (of the month), you still need to pay your bills.

So much for a sisterly wise advice, huh?


fika79 said...

nice one! aku setuju!if harta memang melambak takper, boleh pilih something yang minat and not give gud money in return but if money is matter(macam aku le tu), then choose wisely.

dialicious said...

hey ur in norway now?hows work there?my fren jez came back..very colddddd isnt it