Housewife In Distress?

I always thought that once I become a housewife in a foreign land, this blog would be filled in entries after one another. Sadly, that is not the case. It is still empty waiting to be filled with adventurous encounter of  clashing cultures and interesting findings. I cannot exactly pin-point the cause of why this blog is lacking in writing lately. Maybe age is slowly catching up and I am no longer adventurous as I used to. But that is unfair, the act of blaming ageing for everything.

Truthfully, I partially blame it on the weather. The temperature has been subzero for almost every day since I first stepped out at the airport. Due to that, I often find myself locked up in the comfort of our apartment under the cosy wool blanket sipping hot cocoa armed with books. It's more comforting that way than to brace the coldness outside.

But the weather is being kind for the past 2 weeks. The sun shed some sunlight for few days and I'm very glad it did. God knows how much I longed for the sun's warmth. Yesterday especially was a nice day for walking. We walked all the way from our house to Majorstuen, one of the shopping heaven in Oslo city. It took us only 7 minutes but to be able to walk in such beautiful weather was such a pleasurable things to do.

We then had breakfast at some fancy bakery. H had Apfelkuchen or apple cake and croissant with the most delicious strawberry jam that I've ever tasted while I had lemon torte and Danish pastry with hot chocolate and cappuccino as our drinks. We had to pay a hefty amount that almost equal to buffet dinner for two at 5 star hotel restaurant in Malaysia for such simple meal. But to be able to spend intimate quality time, chatting over random topics with your other half, is simply priceless.

Note: I'm a sucker for anything Sinatra & Bennett that the other day I came across this such weird combo in music but produced an astounding result.

Hear it for yourself if you don't believe me and tell me, would Lady Gaga be an interesting and powerful jazz singer if she suddenly switch her music genre?


nurulhuda said...

I liked this duet!! Catchy, merdu, romantic(tang mana tah but i can just feel it) ... Newspaper The Star today mentioned Oslo (the killing) totally reminds me of u. Take care Moose!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

macam rindu la plak masa pi germany ari tu. best kot. semua pun walking distance. kalau jauh pun, view mmg cantekkk.