Sledging at Frognerseteren

Few weeks ago, H, 2 of his friends and I went for snow sledging at Frognerseteren in Oslo. Frognerseteren is famous for its sledging and skiing track during winter season. I was reluctant to join at first because I was not wearing proper clothing for such sport. I was in my wool coat, vintage leather boots (and heels!) and the weather was too cold for outdoor activities. Ok, I sounded like a bimbo and I really felt like one at that time since everyone was dressed in waterproof jackets and proper sport clothing.

So there I was, like fish out of water. Thankfully, one of H's friends was kind enough to lend me his waterproof jacket. We rented out sledges there for 45 NOK each (helmet comes free) but H's friends brought their newly purchased sledges along.

The bimbo me was changing jacket

The weather was probably around -10C

The sledges were not ours. Ours were more traditional.

It was hard to control the sledge at first and going at at least 45-55km/h on a descending snowy track made it even harder. I was screaming like a mad woman throughout the 2000 meter course that I thought I was going to lose my voice.

Funny yet dangerous thing happened though. At one of the track's corner, I was losing control of the sledge (tried to steer it to left but it was too late) and plummeted off-track. It was dangerous because if I hadn't close my eyes, they would have been poked by trees twigs lying nearby. But the whole incident was so funny (you should have seen my panicked expression!) that I just had to laugh. This 1 guy stop to help but I was already getting on my feet and having seen I laughed so hard, the fellow laughed with me too. My husband stopped to check (he was behind me by seconds) and we literally rolling on the snow laughing. Man, it was so hilarious!

The video below was not taken by us but I just want to show roughly how it looks like.



sumpit said...

woo! Those are really high-tech looking, ive never seen them before, the ones we used were definitely more traditional, probably the same kind they used 100 years ago @_@

Mak Beruang said...

OMG tengok kau dekat situ je dah buat aku sejuk hahaha.

sya said...

the video and that snow sledging are so rad!

Moose said...


yang kwn haikal punya tu definitely lagi senang nak control cos it's like riding a bike. cons die, die ringan dari traditional sledge so chances nak tergolek lagi besar. kitorg punya sama cam dalam video tu. normal sledge

Moose said...


serious sejuk gile time ni! kaki & jari tangan aku dah sampai beku, kebas tak rasa apa pun


yes, it was!

cicayanki said...

nicenya moose. i wonder, sama rasa macam riding the luge ke? never been sledging, only luge :D

sini dah takde snow dah. some days almost spring-like dah!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

salji kot. yer aku kg. hehehe

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

aku pun rase sejuk jugak!