Skiing Trip

After an awesome and fun-filled gateway that I had last weekend, I am having holiday withdrawal symptoms. Haha, ok you can stop rolling your eyes now.

We went for a skiing trip to Norefjell, about 1 hour and a half bus ride from Oslo. We stayed at the cosy and lovely Quality Hotel & Spa Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. The weekend getaway was part of the Company's inpat culture awareness program. But I was there for the joy ride and free food.

Our room is quite small but generally that is how hotels in Norway are.
Magnificent view from our room
1 photo before dinner. 
We had 3 course dinner but the food was not to my liking. We had chick pea soup for appetizer, grilled salmon and rice for the main course and we skipped dessert because the chocolate mousse had (non-halal) gelatine in it. It was bland, not halal friendly and the rice that accompanied the grilled salmon was too salty. I should have go for the full vegetarian menu instead. Breakfast buffet the next morning was bit better but still nothing compared to what we had back in Malaysia.

Then it was time for skiing! Sadly I was only the audience. Hatiku meronta-ronta but yeah, I didn't wanna chance anything. Some other time perhaps.

All geared up. On the background is the beginner's slope

So I became H's wingmen and recorded his actions instead. He's having a blast sampaikan time lunch pun tak reti dah nak stop. Amboi. After lunch, I was so tired macam mengalahkan orang main ski, so I took a nap and woke up when it's time for dinner. We had another 3 course menu but this time, it was better than yesterday. We had celery and wasabi soup for appetizer, cod fish with rice and lastly panna cotta for dessert.

After the dinner, it was announced that appreciation gifts will be given to employees who show participation and inter cultural spirits during the weekend and surprisingly H was one of the winners. He won a silver award because he braved himself and skied on the top hill despite being a first timer. So proud of you sayang!

On our last day, it snowed heavily so no skiing is allowed. We had to listen to inter culture talk by the coordinator and by the time we were finished, it was lunch time. After lunch, we bid goodbyes to wonderful stay and memories.

So here's the amateurish quality video that I made.


Hidayati Farhan said...

kak mus masih bole pkai jeans. woahhhh. nmpk nau masih kurus. hehe. beshnya la tgk gamba2 kak mus.

Reen Tart Nenas said...

hah ingat join skiing jugak! hehehe take care babe.

Moose said...

jeans zaman student tu. kihkih. mostly jeans boleh pakai lagi tapi dah takleh butang. perut dah makan orang makan 3 pinggan nasik dah.

baby's safety is more important than fun. tapi dalam hati tuhan je tau. haha

missbutterfly said...

hey..selimmm lagi tu!! xnampak pun lagi baby bump..

sya said...

Moose, this looks fun. Mesti sejuk sgt kan? And CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! Yippeee!!

Tahirah A. said...

Moose..im sooo outdated!!..
you're living abroad now..and you're pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS :)
'made in oversea' ni..hehe