First Trimester

Alhamdulillah. My first trimester was a smooth sailing and breezy one. I probably was among the lucky pregnant mothers who didn't experience much difficulties. Tapi bak kata Huda, it doesn't mean that I am less pregnant than anyone. Even though I didn't experience any severe nausea, vomiting or food aversion, I had other pregnancy symptoms as well such as fatigue, heartburn, breast tenderness and slight nausea but I think it's pretty normal to experience such symptoms so it's no surprise there.

I only had slight nausea that happened randomly but not to the point of vomiting. For example, one day out of blue I felt nauseated by my husband's perfume sedangkan sebelum ni, it was my favourite scent of his. To combat this feeling, I would normally chew a chewing gum and it works for me because the strong minty flavour will overcome the nauseating feeling. Certain people would eat asam boi but since I'm not fan of asam or jeruk lagipun mana kau nak cari asam boi tengah-tengah Oslo ni, I would keep chewing gum handy in my handbag. And I think chewing gum is healthier than asam, no? And at home, I also drink peppermint tea as I read in Babycenter.com that it'll help to overcome the nausea.

On food aversion pulak, I can basically chow down everything but on few occasions I was very put off and squeamish by the thought of cooking chicken earlier on that we had beef, lamb and fish only for few weeks. Kalau orang lain masak, I'll eat but if I were to cook the chicken by myself, I can't eat it. So cannot do anything about it since I'm the cook in the house. And lately, I was put off by grilled salmon. Only grilled salmon pulak tu, kalau masak kari ke, asam pedas ke, sweet sour ke ok pulak. Over tau, benci.

I didn't crave for anything yet but if you've seen my tweets on Twitter you might think otherwise. I don't know whether you can call it craving but I like to think that the reason why I want to eat those was partly because I was bit home sick and being away 10,000 km from your motherland doesn't help much either.

I try to cook whatever I wanted to eat and H had been so sweet trying to accommodate to my heart's desire but I know that I got to make do what I have. I am lucky because Oslo has 2 Asian supermarkets that sell Asian cooking ingredients so that's a relief. Kalau setakat teringin nak makan masak lemak cili padi atau sambal petai tu insya Allah, they have all the ingredients tapi kalau nak makan makanan exotic sikit macam kerabu perut dengan umbut kelapa atau gulai rebung dengan tulang ikan talang tu memang harus kena lempang (eh? rhyme? lol). Takkan aku nak kena bercucuk tanam kelapa dengan rebung pulak. Jadi kalau nak mengidam tu kenalah berpada-pada dengan keadaan. Kesimpulannya bak kata orang Melayu, ukur baju di badan sendiri.

Amboi, digress sudah aku.


cicayanki said...

so nice reading your first trimester story Moose :)

bout the mengidam part, nak masak simple simple okay lah kan. lucky you can cook. i dont know what i'd do if i'm pregnant. minta tolong junior yang pandai masak lah kot :p

take care there!

ps: secretly wishing that i'll get pregnant straight away. amboi kahwin pun belum LOL

Mawar misswateva said...

jgn ngidam macam2 moose..kang susah heikal nk carik.take care!

Drama Queen said...

Sounds like u had a good first trimester. Mine was ok too apart from the bleeding drama. R u eating more or the same? Gain much weight yet? Second trimester is the best so enjoy while u can..

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

kau nak ape? meh aku pos. hehe.

Moose said...

i pun kadang2 tengok recipe jugak. takdela terer mana pun but so far takde la sape2 sakit perut makan. hehe. ala tak lama lagi dah ur wedding so once u guys dah halal, make lots of babies!! i bet sasao jr or dena jr mesti kawaii!

Moose said...

so far nafsu serakah masih terkawal. kahhh

Moose said...

drama queen:
yes, alhamdulillah i had a very good first trimester. no vomiting no complications whatsoever. tapi ada few days i was down with flu and sore throat. apart from that, takde. sometimes i even don't feel like i'm pregnant. hehe

i'm more or less eating the same as pre-pregnancy. kadang2 tu takde mood nak makan that i have to force myself cos tanak kena heartburn. i tak sure what's my current weight but pre-pregnancy, my weight is 56kg. i think i prolly dah gain around 1-2kg kot.

Moose said...

haa takpe, skrg belum nak apa2 lagi. aku kiv dulu offer ko. haha

LisaLisut said...

simptom u yg perfume husband tu sama dgn i masa 1st trimester haha.tp i xkunyah chewing gum ke apa.cuma i suruh tkr perfume dan shower gel.pendek kata bau dia mmg xsedaplah pdhal perfume tu kita sndri yg belikan dlu.haha.take care :)

sumpit said...

as far as food aversion was concerned, i could not for the life of me, tahan mkn kicap, or tgk kicap, of bau kicap.

Sekali lepas first tri, terus nak kicap. Satg pon nak g buat garam belacan and letak kicap banyak2. yum!

And the perfume thing tu tak lama. After the 14th week, sure bole tahan blk, and u can stop chewing gum :D

Cieri said...

I was too,squeamish of chicken. when I was in my first trimester. kena plak time tengah busy tulis thesis n nak present thesis with hubby far away and my fridge was fully stocked with chicked. sampai ada satu masa tu nak makan ayam goreng that I had to ask a friend to tolong gorengkan. >.<

alhamdulillah, skang dah ok.kot.but i still hating veges which was my fave before pregnant :p