First Appointment

As I mentioned before, we found out that I was expecting as early as week 5 but in Norway generally, first check-up is usually done between week 8-week 10. Some doctors will see you immediately so it really depends on your doctor. In Norway, any individual that is eligible under the National Insurance Scheme is entitled to a free personal general practitioner, pregnancy check-ups and delivery. Our doctor won't accept any pregnancy check-up below 10 week so my first check up was only done when I was at week 11.

During the first check-up the doctor will filled out every sort of forms. One is the Helsekort For Gravide which is equivalent to "buku pink" in Malaysia. The Helsekort For Gravide is to document all information taken during every check-ups and is a link between your doctor, midwives and hospitals, so that everyone will get the same information. The form is kept by us and is expected to bring to every check-ups.

The doctor then filled out a form for hospital registration for the delivery. We had our eyes on Ullevål Sykehus (Ullevål hospital) which is 10 minutes away from our apartment and has one of the best maternity wards in Oslo. Another hospital is Rikshospitalet which is the official hospital for the Norwegian Royal Family. Rikshospitalet is a bit far from where we live so we would just settle with Ullevål Sykehus.

My first check-up was breezy and simple. After filling out necessary informations, I then had my blood pressure measured & pulse and heart beat checked. After that, I was ushered to their lab to had my blood taken for test (HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Rubella, blood group and rhesus, etc.) . Upon arriving at the clinic, I had to submit my urine for infection and protein test. I had no ultrasound scan whatsoever as the scan will only be done at week 17- week 20 at the hospital later.

The full result of the blood test will be released by the clinic only after 2 weeks but after 1 week, I received an SMS from my doctor stating that my vitamin D level was low. I was advised to take 20 microgram of vitamin D supplement for a month before having my blood checked again. I was not given any extra supplement because the daily multivitamin that I have been taking religiously pre-conceiving was enough. I was advised that if I wanted to, I can take Omega-3 supplement once I enter second trimester.

Edited: Based of the feedbacks that I got, Norwegian doctors and midwives tend to have relaxed approach when it comes to pregnancy. The doctor will not give you any advice unless you raised your concerns. Few mothers in Norway that I met online suggested that reading pregnancy books on your own will help you more than relying solely on your doctor and midwives. 


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Bagus lah gitu mus. Takdelah kena paksa buat itu ini, refer sana sini, as long as takde problem kan?

17 oct tu EDD yeah?
wahh, bersalin obersea, mesti anak ko nanti cam mat saleh hoii. chop buat menantu plis. HAHAHA

MissRhana said...

alamak bestnya bersalin oversea!!

missbutterfly said...

made in oslo n born in oslo. o yeh!
(aku baru nk buat buku pink besok.blh?) kuikuikui

Moose said...

haah 17/10 tu edd, insya Allah. ala bersalin oversea pun dah kalau mak pak die melayu tulen takdenye nak rupa mat salleh.. haha

miss rhana:
haa tktau la nak cakap best ke tak. tunggula lepas bersalin dulu. kihkih

ala buku pink tu wajib klo ko check up kat KK je kan? ke tak? aku hal2 check-up kat malaysia ni taktau sangat. ewah mentang2 la mengandung & bersalin kat sini kan. haha

missbutterfly said...

aku dgr buku pink tu diperlukan if nk deliver kt govt.. or nanti nk bersalin if ada complication (nauzubillah) hosp private akan refer hosp govt jgk..tp yg ni aku xpasti sgt. thts y kena ada buku pink.. ala..asal kan bukak jer buku pink tu.. lps tu check up kt lain je lah. hehehe..