If you don't have it, fake it

via Cathy Thorne

If you're among those pregnant women who "glow" during their pregnancy, then you're lucky. I don't know if I fall under that category but Alhamdulillah, I am loving every bits of beautiful skin that I'm experiencing throughout the pregnancy.

While some may be blessed with a clear skin, I was sadly not. Zits will never fails to visit me every month during THAT time of the month no matter how diligent I took care of my skin. I have a sensitive and dry skin (sometimes eczema) so apart from relying on external skin care, I took Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) supplement too. It helped but I had to wean it off when I found out that I was pregnant because upon reading, I came across an article that EPO can help induce labour. Though it might not have enough scientific research to prove it, but the fact that I experienced a slight menstruation-like cramps during the early stage when I was still on EPO was legit enough for me.

As mentioned, alhamdulillah, I have clear skin that I always wanted throughout the pregnancy and I couldn't be happier though I'm still doubtful about the "glowing" remarks that I've been receiving because truth to be told, I've been faking it all this while.

The "weapons"

The secret is not exactly a rocket science. I've been using BB Cream, that I normally put on after moisturising, Bobbi Brown compact powder and the ultimate weapon, bronzer! If you have not been introduced to a bronzer, maybe it's time for you to do so. You'd be amaze with how only few swipes of bronzer will give your face that sun-kissed glow. I would usually swipe the bronzer lightly on places that the sun would normally hit the face for example cheeks, jawline and at the temple instead of all over so that you won't end up looking like you've been 2 hours too long under the sun.

So mommies-to-be, I know that it's inevitable that when you're pregnant you feel like a slob but it doesn't mean that we have to be one. So, if you don't have it, start faking it now!


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Aku rase kulit ko memang dah cantek ar Mus.
Wahh, taktik pakai bronzer aku tak penah buat lagi. boleh cuba nie. HAHA. aku rindu kulit time pregnant oii.

LisaLisut said...

bb garnier n compact powder tu i pakai. tp taktik pakai bronzer ni br tau. sigh. bole try smntra masih belum beranak ni(dan after beranak) heheh