31 Weeks

I'm entering 31 weeks yesterday and alhamdulillah, pregnancy so far has been a bliss. My tummy has finally appeared pregnant-ish at this stage though people have been telling me that I'm small for a 7+ months pregnant lady. I don't know whether it's the genes (but mom had huge belly when she was carrying for my siblings, as far as I could remember), the baby is small (but s/he is progressing accordingly to the growth chart) or the fact that I only gained 6-7 kg at this stage. But whatever the reason is, as long as every thing progressing accordingly and healthily, doesn't matter if I'm big or small.

30 weeks

Macam tagline Godzilla, size doesn't matter. Or was it, size does matter? Can't exactly remember. Hehe

I have about 9 weeks till the baby comes but to date I haven't had any birth plan yet. I'm having another routine check up next week at the usual helsestasjon and I do hope that I can discuss the preferred birth plan with the midwife then. From the feedback that I received, when it comes to birth plan, the Norwegian tend to do it the natural way. Meaning no c-sect intervention unless it's medically necessary. I'm not sure about epidural but they do offer other alternatives such as laughing gas and acupuncture to relief contraction pain. I'm still vague on the details but definitely will ask the midwife about it soon. Another interesting experience that I think worth sharing is that, the hospital will let you in ONLY IF you're at least 6cm dilated. This is not an urban legend and in fact, a kakak told me that she was refused 2 times by the hospital because she was not dilated enough to be warded. I think the reason they are doing this is to minimize the patient in the ward as health care and hospitalization are free to eligible citizen, so prioritization is important.

We haven't go to any antenatal class yet mainly because H deemed that it's ridiculously expensive, pricing at 1000 NOK (RM600) per couple. We're still contemplating on going or not but I am eager to go especially when I need to know what is there to know about birthing. Not that I'm being kiasu but I prefer to have some knowledge on what about to happen and what can I do when it happens. Orang cakap tengok YouTube pun boleh tapi somehow I hate watching birth videos on YouTube especially minah-minah saleh tu semua sebab, I can't stand jeritan diorang tu. Macam over pulak sampai aku boleh sakit hati. So not YouTube birthing video for me.

As per friends suggestions, I started to read on hypnobirthing. Very intriguing I must say as I like the idea of the power of mind concept. I always believe the concept of mind over matter and somehow hypnobirthing really get me. There's still much to read so I'll give you my take on it later.

To end this entry, I would like wish all Malaysians,


doesn't matter if you're Malay, Indian, Chinese or Indegenious as we are together in the same boat and being Malaysian means unity.


Zihan Zamberi said...

u can join fb grup hypnobirthing malaysia or other grup as well..i x amik epi coz i believe giving birth is a natural process...epidural just make ur body numb..n u dun feel the urge to push the baby out..oowhh anyway..there is no such word as push the baby out...it feel like berak...very natural right!!..wish u all the best..

harzharun said...

Epidural ni aku rasa depends pd situation ms ko nak branak tu..mcm xle plan awal2 nak ke x nak kot..sbb aku pun mulanya xnak..tp aku kne induce sampai 3x...selang masa inducenya dlm 8-10 jam..so,aku sakit sampai 3 hari tp jln x buka2 pun..bila dah dilate 4cm pd hr ketiga tu,aku mmg dah xde tenaga sgt dah...3 hr sakit wei..mmg aku dah lembik..so,amik epidural..bila dah numb,barulah aku leh rehat,tido sket sementara tunggu fully dilate..then alhamdullilah ada tenaga tuk push lps tu...tu pengalaman aku la..
btw,yes,org yg mjerit2 ms nak branak mmg agak mganggu la..aku hr tu,nak jerit pun xtkeluar suara..ikot org jgk kot...huuu

sumpit said...

i guess i;m kinda lucky here tht they'd let come in anytime the signs are there, dilated or not.

Tapi kalu tak kluar2 gak, mmg induced la like I was. Induced habis tahap max sampai epi tak dah tak effective dah.

By the way, i kinda regretted not going to the antenatal class, sbb my contractions were longggg and painly that I didnt know how to handle it, despite their telling me to focus on the breathing. Had I gone to the class, maybe i'd have more practice and know of other stuff that might've been useful in dealing with the contractions, because, honestly, that was the worst part of all. But 1000 NOK is no doubt expensive, syukur sini free, tapi kami tak p gak hehehehe

Moose said...


i'm still 50-50 on taking any sorts of pain relief during labour because as much as i have high pain tolerance level, we never know what awaits for us. so as much as i would like to try for all-natural birthing, i'm keeping my options open at the moment.

Moose said...


aku still keeping my options open on taking pain relief ni. aku tau pain threshold aku tinggi tapi tula nak cakap sekarang ni pun susah sebab kita taktau keaadan masa nak bersalin nanti camne. ikut rezeki tapi hari2 memang doa mintak dipermudahkan segala2nya nak2 aku bersalin di perantauan ni kan.

aku tak berapa gemar nak jerit2 ni sebab bagi aku dari buang tenaga menjerit baik channel energy tu untuk push baby, tak ke?

Moose said...


blog la pasal pengalaman bersalin. nak gak baca camne bersalin kat oesterreich. aku mula2 dengar diorg cakap sini klo less than 6cm tak terima memang agak cuak gak la. i mean 1st timer cam kita ni camne la nak tau dah 6cm ke belum kan. sebab tu aku memang tgh pester haikal pegi english antenatal class. at least tau la cara nak timing contraction tu camne tapi tula, rm600 tu macam mahal sangat la pulak.

sumpit said...

i've half-way done with the probably the longest post ever, but still trying to find the time la mus, still trying to find the time....