What's In A Name?

Before we found out that I was pregnant, I already have few baby names that I like. These names were acquired even before I was married. Among all the names that I like, I always love these 2 names combination in particular that if I were to have a girl, she will be named that.

However, I also like my maternal grandmother's name who passed away when I was merely a year old that in tribute to her, I would also love to name my girl after her.

Nenek Madina and I circa 1984

But H has been so adamant with his strictly one-name-only policy that sometimes I just wish I can strangle the idea out of him. You see, my husband has probably the longest and hard to pronounce first name that sometimes I think it frustrates him when people can't pronounce it correctly that he mostly goes by his second name. And out of this frustration, I reckon he's more adamant with his policy than ever. We have shortlisted few names since the beginning of my pregnancy and been calling the baby the name that we picked since I was in the second trimester. Initially H was unsure on the idea of adding a second name but after much coaxing, he finally agrees to it and now, I can proudly say that we already have the name for our little bub. I love simplicity and the meaning of the names and hopefully s/he will live up to her/his name. Insya Allah.

I am still keeping the gender of our baby a secret but has recently spill the beans to some of my close friends, our relatives and #chanteks. Hopefully they will keep mum on this or else, I know whom I shall look for if the secret is out in the open.



sumpit said...

things were the other way 'round for us. Alem has an extremely longggg name, mine's pretty short, so I wanted just one short name, but alem still wanted a long one, and we couldnt agree on a name even after he was born.

In the end, we gave him 2 SHORT names, but we still faced a problem at the rathaus, not because of his name, but because alem's name is too long. Took us 3 weeks, 12 euros and several emails to the embassy to settle the problem... aisshhhh

balkidz_hunny said...

Madina. sedap nama tu weh. dengar pun tenang aje :)

Eh,Haikal macam zahir, tak nak nama nak lebih dari 2 perkataan sebab nama bapak dah sedia panjang. dia cakap sian anak, nanti kena tulis nama panjang2 kat kertas exam. kihkih.

cikyuSnida said...

haha. kami x kesah sangat maybe sebab aku n abg lan both nama satu perkataan je.
tetiba NIA panjang bukan main. heee.

okay2. kami x bgtau orang lain sampai kau beranak nnt gender anak kau. :p

Moose said...


masalahnya nama tu klo 1 pendek sangat. only consist of 4 letters. even the second name pun 4 letters gak. definitely lagi pendek dari nama haikal. tu pun mula2 dia tanak. tapi aku rasa cam tak balance sbb nama anak pendek sgt, nama bapak dia terlebih panjang.


haa samela haikal pun cakap macam tu. kesian dekat anak dia kena tulis nama panjang2. tak cukup kotak nak isi borang la. aku cakap by the time the baby is old enough utk isi form, time tu ntah2 borang pun dah tak pakai.


ok, sila simpan rahsia. haha

T said...

My parents had the one-name-only policy too all of their four children. Tapi orang lain mesti nak tambah kan Nurul or Mohd to my siblings names. Even when we have short 2-syllable names, we still struggle with our name. I have minor lisp and my first syllable ends with 's'; my brother pelat 'r' and obviously his name ends with 'r'; my other sister's name is pronounced with 's' with lidah melyu tapi spelt with 'th', so there were many incidents of people having saying her names in many variation. My parents hit a jackpot with their youngest child, simple and crisp name. Tapi people just cannot believe how short it is.

Good luck with your child's name. Can't you just combine the two names into one e.g. MaryJane? Sneaky...