32 weeks

Ok, I am slowly joining the bandwagon of those preggers who can't stop updating about their pregnancy journey. Until the baby comes out, please bear with me. HAHA.

I had my 32 weeks check up yesterday and everything was normal except that the midwife detected a bacteria in the urine but since it was not my first pee of the day and I hadn't experiencing any pain while peeing, she assured me not to worry about it and advises that I must bring my own sample during the next check up for more accurate result. Apart from that, blood pressure, protein and hemoglobin level are normal. The OGTT result came and alhamdulillah, I need not to worry about that. I know that I have been careful with what I eat and the test was actually a precaution as my family has a history of diabetes so when the result was a OK, I was relief.

The midwife that I'm seeing works at the hospital that I am registered so we discussed a bit on the birth plan. I am glad that the hospital is pro-natural birthing and if I require an alternative birthing for example water birth and whatnot, I need to write them a letter stating my birth preferences and they'll refer me to a special unit called, Alternative Birthing Care (ABC). If not, I can discussed the birthing plan when D(elivery)-Day comes. I don't have much request to begin with actually, my only request are that;

  • no frequent vaginal examination
  • no artificial breakage of water bag
  • no pain killers (but I'll keep this in view. As much as I know I have high pain threshold, we never know what's going to happen when the day comes)
  • immediate skin to skin contact 
  • birth partner to be present throughout labor progress and be allowed to cut the cord
  • no immediate washing/rubbing of the vernix caseosa of the baby
  • episiotomy only if necessary and only after discussion
  • be allowed to move freely or any position deemed to ease the labor

Ok, that's all that I could think right now. In a way, I am a hypnobirthing convert. HAHA.

We also discussed the possibility if I am past the EDD and what action should be taken if I had one. Lucky in Norway, expected mothers are given 10 days allowance before any medical intervention taken place, be it   artificial birth induction or Cesarean. That, if the mothers are having normal and healthy pregnancy. But according to her statistically, most expectant mothers give birth within week 38-week 40. Now, lets hope that this lil bub of mine contributes to that statistic.

8 weeks (or less) to go people! Can you believe it?!


devilishskool said...

i had that urine infection too. kept me awake at night! thank God the Dr. prescribed me some antibiotics, i have better quality sleeps now. Alhamdulillah!

although i feel like i've gotten the infection again, seeing how i feel like going to the loo every 15 minutes now...... T___T

Tahirah A. said...

Moose, it's good that you're actually writing down pregnancy journey..I kinda regretted not doing it..blog is like an open diary afterall..hehe..

May I add your birth plan
-no continuous CTG monitoring (cos it will restricted your movement)
-no IV line insertion until the need to do so (cos buat apa nak poke without the need of using
-skin to skin for good 1 hour ( cos that's the golden window to latch)

Try la waterbirth..with your husband in the pool, rasa lebih intimate..and that can calm you down. I was in the pool for 9 hrs sampai tangan Kali semua kecut2 dah..haha

Moose said...


mula2 i cam risau gak bila dia cakap detect bacteria tu sebab lately banyak gak vaginal discharge. Tapi midwife i cakap as long as there's no pain during peeing then takde pape considering that the urine used was not my first pee of the day so maybe result was not accurate

Moose said...

Thanks tahirah. Will add that as well. I tak plan water birth sebab malas nak tulis surat to the hospital. Hehe. Lagipun my husband cam bit appalled by the idea so cam takpela. If I can give birth normally pun dah syukur kot. Insya Allah.

balkidz_hunny said...

Ape²pun aku doakan ko dan adik baby selamat.
Tang tahan sakit tue aku rase ko boleh je kot. Go mus!

Moose said...


amboi, agak2 la adik baby pun. haha. insya Allah dipermudahkan. aku jadikan ko sumber inspirasi, senang bersalin. memang hypnobirth abes la. haha