Nursing In Public

Never ever I've thought that I would neglect my blog this long but being a new mom requires much of my attention and energy so I need to prioritize.

Semenjak dua menjak ni topik nursing in public (NIP) memang hot eh? I know the issue was triggered by a blogger tapi aku malas nak kisah sebab to each their own, right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion dan kalau orang tak setuju, buat apa kita bermati-matian membangkang?

It's getting cold here and last week the temperature hit -16C, I know crazy, right! So out of curiosity,  I posted some time ago on International Mothers and Babies Group Oslo (IMOBAGO) about nursing in public.

Aren't these ladies lovely coming up with such great solutions? You feel like hugging each and every one of them after reading those comments.

As I mentioned in the comment above, mothers in Malaysia are considered lucky because most of the shopping malls provide nursing room for mothers' convenience. Here, nursing mothers have to be more creative, you know, what's with the cold weather and lack of nursing rooms.

I was very anxious of the thought of nursing in public initially. A lot of things are going through my mind from covering the aurat to what position should I hold my son. I need to use the nursing pillow every time I breastfeed so the thought of being out of your comfort zone really scares the shit out of me.

Last month, when we went to Stockholm to register my son at the Malaysian Embassy, I was borderline nauseous because I know that at some point I have to do it, I have to NIP and it scares me. We were in the train to the airport when it happened. My son woke up and wanted milk. I am lucky because he is not a big crier so that gives me enough time to not panic and prep. Well, it wasn't t as scary as I thought it would be! Of course it was bit awkward with me constantly adjusting with holding position and all but yes - I can do this, I said to myself.

It was then the beginning of NIP for me. Ever since, I had NIP on the plane, at the airports, in the cafes, in shopping centers, you named it, I did it all without using any nursing cover or poncho. For me, the key point to a successful NIP is a supportive husband. He would be a watchman for me and help me to cover the aurat if it shows but most of the time I would wear a nursing friendly attire so that it won't be such a hassle. I enjoy my time and nursing in public is no longer a scary thing to me anymore

So tell me, how is your NIP experience?


devilishskool said...

i have a question about NiP:

i don't think it'll be comfortable wearing a nursing cover. nampak mcm baby nak lemas je O_O

since you've nursed Aqil without using nursing cover, what kind of tops are you wearing ek? curious.

blouse with buttons at the front, loose tops, or multi-layers like tees and cardigans? or different kind altogether? or is it because you are wearing winterwear (jackets/coats) that you don't need nursing cover?

i would like to buy tops that will help me nurse in public but so far i couldn't think of what kind to buy.

Moose said...

i bought h&m nursing top but to me, i don't feel comfortable wearing it cos the slits are overlapping & macam leceh. now that it's winter, i wear a sweater & underneath it a nursing friendly top/tshirt/singlet - front button & sometimes just a low neck singlet. klo low neck tu i just tarik the neckline sampai breast tapi leceh sikit & kena pandai adjust/cover supaya tak nampak. i also make sure that the tshirt underneath is long enough to cover the body sebab sweater dah kena selak kan.

i don't know if boob design nursing wear is available in AD but i love their design so much compared to h&m cos it's so convenient.

harzharun said...

yup...husband kne supportive...tukang jg line.. :-)

Khairun Nazihah Yaacob said...

My experience NIP ni maybe biasa je but like u said, nak x nak kalau our baby dah start merengek nak susu, kena juga bagi. Dia bukan tau pun katne, yg dia tau dia lapar..

Masa Thaqif still baby n x byk ragam, i used poncho to cover. Beli kat www.autumnz.com Alhamdulillah tak banyak ragam bila dah dapat susu tu. I even bf him masa shopping (wore poncho n bf him) n jalan2 tgk barang.YES hubs kena mainkan peranan jg laa utk betulkn poncho tu klau ada terselak ke apa kan..

Mmg as 1st time mom rasa awkward gila but nak x nak kena jg try sbb in the future mesti akan ada situasi yg kita terpaksa NIP. Kadang kita je rasa public pandang pelik but actually diorg bukan kesah pun, as long as xde benda pelik yg diorg nampak. hahaha!

Then bila thaqif dah besar skit skrg ni agak mencabar laa sbb dia dah pandai nak selak2 baju. maybe sbb rimas or else. So nak x nak mmg kena cari nursing room or surau or tmpt mkn yg tlindung skit or at least some place yg tsorok skit utk bf.

NIP ni x susah. U just need to know the drill and there u go! it's fun. hehe! The bonding moment tu sgt priceless..


sumpit said...

aku pon dah belasah nip rata2. With a loose t-shirt, front-button blouse, with a shawl, you name it, terpaksa, sbb while adel doest cry, he'd get angry and shout.

Lg satu problem, dia suka meraba time menyusu, kekadang dia tolong tarik baju cover, but at times, dia tolak baju, so senang terselak2. So yes, husband mmg kena selalu tolong jd watchman.