Bugaboo Bee

We are still in Oslo, in case you're wondering about the lack of updates. Because our visas (Aqil & I) are delayed, we didn't go back to Malaysia last month as we planned. We don't know how long we're going to stay here though but technically H's (training) contract is going to end in April but he has been (verbally) asked to stay til September. Problem is, his contract hasn't been renewed so we're pretty much left hanging.

Since there might be a possibility returning home sooner than we thought, H and I decided to sell our Brio pram. We loved it and it has been nothing but wonderful (esp. on snow) to use but let's face it, it's not exactly the kind of pram what would fit into a small sized cars we own back home. So with mixed feelings and heavy heart, he advertised it on Finn.no, a Norwegian trading website similar to Mudah.my.

We thought that it would take some time for us to get a buyer but a day later, 2 potential buyers were interested and wanna see it right away! We were quite surprised when a buyer wanted to buy it right away. We didn't even buy a replacement stroller yet! After negotiating, the buyer agreed to hold the purchase until the weekend.

We've been eyeing for few strollers for quite some time and one that struck the most to us is the ever stylish Bugaboo Bee. H likes it so much that he cannot stop thinking about it since he first saw it. Hehe. This time around, we want a stroller that:

  • lightweight and compact when fold
  • the seat can face forward and back (the main criteria that I look for!)
  • fully reclinable
  • easy to maneuver

Bugaboo Bee has all that except the seat cannot be 180 degree reclinable. Another cons is that, the wheels are small and it can be quite a hassle in (thick) snow but it's now March and most of the snow (in Oslo) is melting by now and we're living in a city so snow isn't as thick as it is in outskirt areas.

We were in awe with Bugaboo Bee Neon limited edition with its black frame, neon green wheels and navy blue canvas with neon green trimming but the price is JUST SO RIDICULOUS! We're cheapo so we stick to the normal edition.

So we tested and paid. And before we know it, ta-da ada budak kecik dah rasmi. Kehkeh.

And the verdict? As much as I miss the Brio (the large storage compartment actually) when it comes to handling, nothing beats this one. It's super easy to steer (I've been to off-road walks with my friends from moms group and trust me, it handles rough terrain quite well), small in size and lightweight. It might not be as sturdy as Brio but that mainly due to its small size. We were in a bus one day and it can swerve to one side if the bus driver is driving roughly but that's small issue because you're not supposed to leave the stroller and your baby unattended anyway.

Out of 5 stars, I'd give this stroller a 4.5. Half because the storage compartment isn't big and you have to access it from front.

Susah nak sumbat barang shopping, tau?


sumpit said...

hari tu aku nmpak maxicosi recline 180. budak tu siap golek2 lg. Design stroller pelik gila, tp aku teruja tgk! But it's still quite big.

Aku pon requirement kecil and easy to maneuver. Senang sikit nak masuk lift, bus, tram, train and angkat naik tangga (especially bgn lama cam apt ni yg tarak ramp).

Balkidz Hunny said...

aku suka sebab colour macam bumble bee! ehh, rasa tetibe nak tukar stroller jugak.

ps: harga tak nak mentioned ke mus? bahahaha.

Moose said...


tempat takde snow tebal takpe klo stroller kecik. Oslo ni alahai, snow tebal sgt. Ni kitorg nasib baik duduk kat city center jadi diorg mmg clearkan snow tu tiap2 ari. last weekend pergi rumah kawan aku kat outskirt sikit, mmg jenuh nak menolaknya

Moose said...


harga tu simpan2 sendiri jela. kang org ckp rial darjah ke-3 lak. haha

sumpit said...

tu la, aku pon dok debate gak time nak beli dulu. Sbb takot kang sangkut dlm snow, sbb kawan aku dah penah warn of such.

Last2, winter ni, dok dlm rumah je mostly... tp tu la untungnya duduk pekan, jalan selalu clear (tp kami still malas keluar gak :p)