Funny Friday #4

During our not-so recent trip to Antalya, Turkey, we spent almost 4 hours at the Antalya Zoo. Since Aqil loves animals, we thought that the trip to the zoo would be apt.

Our boy enjoyed his time at the petting zoo before dozing off in the carrier. We were left exploring the zoo by ourselves and read few fun facts on the animals.

By the way, did you know that elephants cannot jump and lion is not a  good tree climber? And just like human fingerprints, a zebra's stripe pattern is unique to individual? I am not writing to share about animal's fun facts but a funny story involving zebras.

So, we were walking pass zebras and I asked my husband if he can tell apart which one these two zebras is male or female. In a matter-of-factly manner he answered,

"Oh, I know. You can differentiate them from the stripe pattern. Right?"

To which I stared blankly and replied,

"No. I just look at their genitals. None of them have balls so both of them are female."

That is ladies and gents, how you tell their gender apart.

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