Getting Dress-y

My intuition tells that silky smooth flower printed dress is going to be hit this coming summer. Last year was lace-y dress. So this year is silk-y dress. Hmm. Personally I like Diane von Fürstenberg's 3/4-arm warp silk dress and since I'm hijabed, which is no excuse for stopping me being insanely indulge in fashion, a 3/4-arm dress is a good option considering that I don't have to endure the hot sun blaze while wearing a cardigan to cover up the arms and duhh of course I'll pair it up with pant/jeans. Even celebs pair their dress with pant/jeans for that casual look, I bet even the Racheal Zoe did that too!

Diane von Fürstenberg's silk dress, lovely isn't it?

Silk dress from Chloé,one of my fav.

so sweet and innoncent,

like me :)

(ok,that line was cheesy)

My pick? Is this one, oh how i wish the dress has longer arms.

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