Emporio Armani Sunglass

May I have your attention please?!!

*Sheesh, the camera's battery is low, but I'll upload the pictures later*

I want to sell my 1-year-old Emporio Armani sunglasses, since ehem, I have a new one. It's in a very good condition, in hand of a very cautious owner. :)
Price negotiable starting from 25€ but definately not more than 50€.


100% original (I despise fake stuff as much as I despise fake personality)
The colour of the frame is dark maroon, extremely classic looking, lense colour is tinted bordeaux.Very trés chic.
On both of the temples is engraved with "Emporio Armani"
Purchase includes original Emporio Armani case.

If anyone interested in buying, leave your message in the comment box.
Thank you.



aku_macho said...

wow ur "bahasa kedai" isn't bad at all..from which school did u learn that?

so...starting price for the glasses..1euro ok??

Moose said...

don't use such crappy name like bubbly-girl or stuff like that. Further more I don't need sarcastic remarks.
Leave a comment if you're serious about buying.
Thank you