Marc Jacobs Brigitte Leather Bag

Marc Jacobs Brigitte Leather Bag

The moment I take a glimpse of this bag, my heart literally stops. Ok, let me rephrase that, considering that my heart skips a beat everytime I saw anything that adorable, be it a bag or damn cute man shoes. I'm so in loove with the bag. Anyhow it's from Marc Jacobs and cost a staggering, let me see, USD 1000? Yup, I know, there's no way I could afford such darling, ever, unless I marry some rich old fart, in which never gonna happen, ever.

And I refuse to be seen wearing and be adorn with some cheap fake stuff because it's against my principle. Erm it goes by something like; If you can't have it, buy no fakes. But, there's this label called LUSH had taken the initiative of being so kind to remake the same hot designer handbags a hell lot cheaper than the original copy!! (well not exactly the same, because they left out some of the details that an original handbag should have, eg brand labels etc). Now, tell me how wonderful is that?

Erm, will you excuse me, I have some bag browsing to do. :P

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