The Devil Wears Prada-Aftermath

What can I say about it apart from it's not fun(ny) and elaborate as the book itself. Truth was, I'm kinda dissappointed with the movie. I would say that the book is way better than the movie.

  1. [Book] Miranda Priestly is THE vicious DEVIL, doesn't that obvious?
    [Movie] She looks kinda "tame" and speaks a hell lot of unwanted crap than she supposed to.
  2. [Book] Her signature style is that she wears Hermés white silk scarf all the time.
    [Movie] No Hermés scarf to be seen nowhere.
  3. [Book] Miranda is British.
    [Movie] Meryl Streep speaks no British in the movie!.
  4. [Book] Lily (Andrea's bestfriend) is someone I'd potray close to being Alanis Morissette, you know, the hippie kinda person who don't care anything about fashion or brands, if that matters.
    [Movie] What in the movie was the total opposite of it.
  5. [Book] Andrea went to Paris Fashion Week bec. Emily (Miranda's 1st assist.) was sick and couldn't make it if her life depend on it,
    [Movie] Miranda insist that Andrea should go, thinking she's mora capable than Emily.
  6. Yadda..yadda..

I guess I better stick to the book.

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