YSL Reversible Tote

I absolutely love the new IT bag from Yves Saint Laurent. Why? Because it very roomy,(very me!) and it's reversible. How genius and practical! The bag comes in two colours basic black/anthracite silver and bronze/chocolate. The basic black reverses to anthracite silver for nights out after work or for a flip of attitude and edgy look. No fuss and fabulous!

editor's note: maybe I should hold on the plan on grabbing a LV's Monogramm purse for a while. This bag is too pretty too resist.


reena said...

Oh i love this bag too! Tapi mesti mahal kan? U tau tak how much in RM? Emm..

Moose said...

sorry la Reena, i'm not aware of the price in RM. Harga beg ni pn i tktau.But last time i tgk harga YSL Muse kt Milan, it cost around EUR500 (it was on sale), so that would make it around RM2500?