Bottega Veneta Handbag

I'm freakingly in love with the white crocodiles leather handbag from Spring/Summer 07 Collection from Bottega Veneta (2nd from left,top). God, I'm crazily obsess over handbag(s). Must've been running through the genes. Last year I was madly in love with Nicole Richie's black Balenciaga, Jessica Simpson's yellow Bulga, Kate Moss's Dior saddle bag, LV's Monogram Speedy (and I still am in love with it) and Fendi Spybag, and this time around I'm all over Bottega Veneta, YSL Double Bag (who ever thought that after all these years, Tom Ford manage to create something delicately lovely for YSL too) Chloé Edith as well as Paddington and of course Dior Gaucho! Gosh. I really can't wait to get a job and save my ass off to have them!!


1w3 said...

huhu u're in love with white crocodiles. T T .

btw,is Tom Ford the first one who created Ford's car? XD

Moose said...

Even their surname is the same, doesnt mean that he's the one who created the Ford car..

reena said...

Laa..Tom Ford created Ford car? Hahaha.

Lepas u beli semua bag ni, post kat bag-aholics ye? Hehe.Nak bagi semua orang cuci mata. :-)

Moose said...

Omg, nak beli Bottega Veneta kene tggu duit berjuta2 dulu.. mahal gile ok!!