The Kebaya Nyonya Tale

The Kebaya Nyonya

I was an avid kebaya nyonya fan even before the late Datin Seri Endon published the book on Kebaya Nyonya. For me, kebaya symbolizes the true elegance of Malay women, the grace that all Malay women should had and be able to carry. I was attracted to Kebaya Nyonya mostly because of the delicate fabric, the decorative embroidery and how it's pattern flatter a woman's body. A nyonya kebaya is a work of art, a labour of love, a heritage, a traditional costume that is timeless. An attire for all occasions, it is elegant, feminine, alluring, sensual, glamorous and fashionable for all ages. In my opinion, kebaya is a true traditional costume that should be preserved and not to be modernised to the verge of completely stripping it's originality. A kebaya is a kebaya. It is meant to be worn with a colourful motive sarong and definately not something that you can wear with a skirt, surely with jeans or pants it still 'looks' right (it kinda tone down the glam details a bit) but with a skirt? And a tutu skirt for that matter. Enough said. Can you imagine just how ugly is that? Well, it's exactly what one of so-called Malaysian's top designer did in one of his show. Combine a kebaya in military pattern with a skirt. What a disgrace to such a lovely icon of Malay traditional costume. I may not be Datin Seri Endon that possessed lots of kebaya nyonya, but the passion that lies within me is enough to keep kebaya nyonya alive, well at least for my offspring(s).

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