TGI Friday Weekend

The Bag: MNG Green Khakis Tote

The Content: Creative Zen Mp3, hairband, monthly ticket, work ID, pocket tissue, DKNY Be Delicious Roll-On, house keys, USB Stick, MNG purse. (Not in pics: old and scratchy Samsung handphone, digital camera, organizer)

The Make up: Body Shop Tea Tree Cover Stick (this helps me a lot as my current skin condition isn't serving its best), Dior Lipgloss, Body Shop Melon Lipbalm, Blistex Lipbalm, black eyeliner, Bepanthol Extra Skin Moisturizer, handcream, Silky Girl 2-Way Foundation.

Other Content (on certain occasion): Other half's stuff ie wallet, handphone or even book(s), bottled mineral water, Burberry sunglasses.

As you can see, my handbag serves as a junk keeper, and that solely the main reason why I constantly need a bigger bag. Can someone pls buy me Yves Saint Laurent Double Bag in Black/Silver upgrade: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 for me? I'd really appreciate that as a gift for my birthday, thank you. *grin*

Louis Vuitton Speedy

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reena said...

Haha.Same here.Kita pun suka big bags esp tote.The bigger the better.My tote dah jadi macam 'tong sampah' bergerak.