I answered the questions at Glam and this is what I got,
You’re Brilliant!

Your ability to effortlessly wield an impressive amount of style information into everyday conversation, keep up on trends, and probably even set them afire amongst your friends, ranks you among the fashion elite. Perhaps the only thing that separates you from Genius status is a quick fashion refresher à la Diana Vreeland’s autobiography (D.V.) and The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion and, maybe, a few fab pieces, such as these, in your closet.


From the basic twinsets and trousers to a classic little black dress and pearls, your wardrobe echoes the sophisticated simple-chic look made iconic by admirable dressers like Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn. Your whole look is about timeless, effortless elegance in the vein of Nan Kempner, may she rest in peace.

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