Series Of Posts

If you notice from my previous posts I seldom or rarely wrote anything about my private/personal life. It is because I'm quite a private person. I enjoy the anonymity that blogging in a cyber world can give. That's also one of the reason why I never post a full frontal image of myself. The other reason being self-conscious. This blog had exist way years ago and had undergone?-went? few address changes. The thought of random unknown people/strangers reading the blog make me feel unease. And no, I'm not closing or changing the address, if that is what you had in mind, no not yet.


On a totally different note, lets talk about my boring and monotonous life as a student. Yes, I (already) aged a quarter century and am pathetically still a student. It's really nerve-racking when up till now, you don't have any apprentice place, even when you went to 3 interviews and the HR people suddenly decided that you're not good enough for them. Well, you know what, you sucks! It's your bad if you don't want an Asian girl does all the works,when she's all willing to put up her ass for it. Boo-ho.


I'm gonna post a series of pictures of What I'm Wearing here but since my bf hasn't upload them yet (they all were taken by his camera) so I guess you'll have to wait (for some time) when he finally does. Heaven knows when since he's also pretty a busy bee at the moment. Until then, meet Piksi from the Wardrobe Remix. I personally love her style, it is interesting to see the way she mix vintage and modern pieces to create an intriguing outfit, particular this:

love the high-waisted skirt with buttons detailing,love the blouse, love love love the look.

love the grey granny dress, it has hippie flair to it, make love not war *hippie mode*


yanny said...

hi darl!! cant wait for ur outfit post!!

n thanks for introducing me to piksi!! love love love herrrr style...wish i had one of those high waisted skirts!!

ask ur bf to upload the pix fasttt!! gimme more inspiration!!

reena said...

Can't wait!

reena said...

Oh btw i love love wardrobe remix too.Addicted! Really admire those people that have their own style.

Moose said...

@yanny: will do, but i just dont know when.
@reena:yup,they sure do.

Danz said...

The first look is fabulous. It's all grey but far from dull. The silouhette is amazing.