Of Being Homeless And Fabulous?

Not having to pay the room rent sure made me wanna spend the money on something else and guess what hell yeah I did! In case some of you wondering, I am now officially homeless and jobless. If not for the kindness of my juniors for providing shelter (and food!) you'll find me dragging sleeping bag and sleeping at every single corridor I found. Sappy pathetic little me, I know. I was away for a couple of days at a friend's house and yes, the initial reason was to shop (and of course to visit you, my dear friend. :) )

I was looking for a pair of gladiator sandal/platform heels as seen on..wait now I cannot remember where I saw it.. never mind, I couldn't find the one that I like anyway. They're either not too gladiator-ish or the design/material are not right. I liked the one from H&M but sadly the straps are sa fricking tin. What kind of gladiator would wanna wear a satin sandal?? A fag gladiator perhaps. Frustrated, I bought 2 non gladiator-ish pair of shoes. And two tights. And a vintage straw handbag. Scratch that. That was from last week. OK, only 1 tight. And a dress.

Should I or should I not reveal catch of the day? No? OK, fine. I'll put up the pics as soon as possible. Promise. And oh that reminds me about the "What I'm wearing" pics from last post.

Note to self: Must bug Mr. Bf, upload pics, go shopping (again).

Drinking 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of mineral water will definitely make you pee like crazy. Seriously people..no kidding.

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