Bitten By The Thrift Bug

A cute animation with French song by Edith Piaf.


I went to the second hand shop in my town that I mentioned earlier in one of my post. I was actually looking for a braided belt, something similar to what Jeunedemoiselle had on here.

Unfortunately there were none but I came home with all these instead.

[L-R: Esprit checkered shirt for 2.50€, 2 brown belts for 2€ each, blue string belt 1€ and straw handbag/clutch for 2.50€]

Excuse the low quality, they're taken using my phones cam.

I nearly bought a big vintage sunglasses for 3€ but end up not buying it because I look like my granny in it! The lady at the shop even tried the sunglasses and modelled them for me. I honestly think the sunglasses really look good on her rather than on me. I love to room through the shop more if only the shop lady doesn't follow me around! It really turns me off because I hate it whenever sales assistant/someone keep tailing on me when I'm shopping. Perhaps she's kinda excited that finally she had a customer that actually bought something?

I never think that thrifting can be so much fun! It's like searching for hidden treasure of something because you'll never know what you'll find and the price is so cheap! I think from now on I'm gonna give up shopping at normal store like H&M, Zara or MNG.

Once you go thrift, you'll never go back.


Akmaelinda said...

hey girl.
ur entry sgt-lah best.u r really fashonista.im loving it:)not dat over.less is more.


Moose said...


welcome to my humble blog. i'd rather not say i'm a fashionista. fashionista is something i tried but never will be. :)


i love ur buys.. espesh the bag, 2.5 Euros is cheap... glad ur back blogging..