First of all

.. I'm terribly sorry for neglecting my blog for so long. It's just that I've been busy lately. However I'm really grateful that after searching for an apprentice place for so long and went to listless interviews, I managed to score a place. And now, I had a huge headache finding a room/apartment in such a short time! I should have not said that I will begin as soon as possible if I'd know that finding a decent place can be this tiring! Oh well, promises had been made.

Apropos promise yes, I know that I promised all of you the pictures but I've to apologize one more time as I still don't have the pictures.

My friends, my boyfriend and I went to Istanbul the other day during Easter for 2 days, and we had so much fun and I got to see my boyfriend! I haven't seen him for about a month since he moved to the new place. As much as I would love to post the pictures here but I'm afraid I'm gonna pass. I'm still don't comfortable disclosing my identity. OK, maybe a couple of pics where no full frontal image of me in it, deal?

The entrance to Grand Bazaar

This is where we got so overwhelmed and spend most of our money

The famous Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Yeah, that's me alright, acting all crazy and goofy on the streets of Istanbul

The headscarf that I'm wearing is actually bought at the Grand Bazaar for 6 Lira which is about RM12? It's pretty cheap here in Istanbul, the key is to haggle most of the items to half of its price. The other thing is being Muslim and comes from Malaysia. Seriously it's like the word Malaysia had been plastered all over our forehead or something. It's like everywhere we went, we're stopped by people asking do we come from Malaysia or Indonesia but they always suspected the former. Now enough of Istanbul and its lovely cheap scarves, or its coloured hand-painted porcelain wares..and no-fuss-halal-food-is-everywhere...

Last weekend I went to the flea market in my town. When it's raining and cold, it surely can kill your mood to freely browse through all the items. I saw a couple of beautiful vintage shoes but sadly none of them are in my size. I almost bought a sheer black blouse that is 200 times larger that my size (yeah, I'm exaggerating here) because I'm in love with its high frilly Victorian neck but quickly come to my senses. And also I hate the seller who won't reduce the price of his very vintage and hand-painted gold Swiss-made pocket watch cum pendant. I'm not a big fan of accessories but that one really caught my eyes. Other than that I love the lady who's freezing because of the cold weather and sold me a lovely 50's/60's leather handbag for only 2Euro without hesitation.

Dear lady, I love you so much that I even mention you on my blog! You rock my world! Yeah!

Vintage handbag: thrifted 2€

Well, quite a lengthy post huh? I thought it should cover up all the posts I've been meaning to write but don't.

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