Those Warmer Days Are Gone

I had the urged to check out some second hand store for a few day, it's like a craving that I've been holding on for so long. So today on my way home after work I discovered and guess what? not one but two second hand stores! Although they are two different store, they are however own by the same person. I was actually looking for a small fitted blazer, something like Sally Jane Vintage and Lisa's Place had on to be worn during those colder days in summer. Unfortunately luck didn't come across my way today. However I bought a yellow Zara cardigan that's 2 sizes bigger but it's cheap that it is hard to pass and a girls checkered dress. I think being a flat-chested finally comes to an advantage afterall as I'm able to fit into size 146 girls dress although it do get a bit tight around the chest area. But hey, I don't have to button it all up, do I?

I was meaning to upload the pictures but it turns out that there's some problem with Blogger. I'll upload the pictures later!

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