Sex And The City: The Movie

...and the verdict from my point of view..

So I went to watch the movie yesterday at our local English cinema. Honestly the movie was good but I liked the show even better. Wardrobe wise I think Patricia Field did a good job but not as great as when they were during the show. They were some pieces that I thought were ridiculous like the big flower on the shoulder dress and especially the head gear Carrie had during her soon to be cancelled wedding. What’s up with the striking turquoise feather and 10 yards of veils in the hair? If you can’t decide which one doesn’t mean that you have the right to have both! Well at least I know the reason why Mr. Big had cold feet..I really like the scene in which Carrie had a bridal photo shoot with Gilles Bensimon (or so I thought) for Vogue in which she wore (one of the many dresses) a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta bridal couture gown. I thought my heart skipped a beat. And I’m not quite digging the Vivienne Eastwood gown. It’s too heavy, too fluffy or maybe a little bit too much?

Big shoulder flower dress and the wedding dress

Carrie: How dare you stood me up on our wedding day!!! *smack with flowers*
Big: I'm sorry, I got intimidated by the big feather in your hair, now that I mentioned it, what's up with that?
Carrie: What do you mean? I'm Carrie Bradshaw, THE Carrie Bradshaw, the most stylish woman in whole New York. I can wear whatever fucking I like! I'd wear a whole peacock in my hair if I want to! *smack* *smack*

I’m not really digging the wardrobe they assigned to Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (played by Kim Catrall) either. I’d like to know who came up with an idea; you know what lets made her look like a canary by dressing her in red, yellow and green! It’d be so much fun!

Prepare to stop.Stop.Go (figure)-just like a traffic light.

And Miranda doesn’t look good either wearing mostly big cowly coats or sweaters. There is also a lot of vintage inspired swimwear. I in particular like the red number Miranda had on when Samantha find out that Miranda is growing a rain forest “down under”. Haha. Gross I know, but funny. Sorry, I couldn't find the picture anywhere.

If every pregnant woman looks as good as Charlotte does, the world would be a better place. Amen.

p/s: Oh boy, I'm sure gonna miss watching all the uncensored movie when I come home. *grin*


yanny said...

love! i cant wait to watch it but im not tooo excited to watch it here in msia cos mesti byk censored! oh well, can download it from the net!

n ure coming back????? when????? can meet!!!!!

Moose said...

@yanny: watching censored movie is so tak best ok. I'm in shock that in Msia they even cut the kissing scene, I mean come on, it's not like people gonna be so turn on, right? Or is it? And ironically there're still many rape cases in Msia. So much for the censorship, huh? Truthfully i'm not sure when I'm gonna come back..but I guess some time by the end of the year, perhaps? Oh I'd love to meet you too, in person! :)